Not too long ago, we focused on one thing with the uvex professional metal processing system: personal protective equipment from head to toe, customised to the needs of a single industry. Now, just over a year later, it is time to ask the first buyers and trial pioneers what they think about our metalworking collection.

Robert Paul is the owner of Paul Metall & Design – and first came into contact with uvex professional metal processing systemuvex professional metal processing system in April 2016 during a trial. “I think industry-specific PPE is extremely sensible and important,” he said. With safety shoes and boots as well as safety goggles, the creative metal worker can use even more products from uvex.

Robert Schwindsackel from Kunst- und Bauschlosserei Schmidtkunz G. S. GmbH also knows how important it is for the protective equipment to be a perfect fit for the respective activity: “It [the PPE] helps us metal workers to meet new requirements and standards even in terms of occupational safety.”

Robert Paul, owner of Paul Metall & Design

Hazards: Flying sparks

The particular requirements in metal processing include protection against sparks. Of course, the health of the wearer plays a hugely important role, but the resistance of the clothing must also be right.

And that’s precisely where uvex comes in, with the professional metal system: A newly developed coating is effective at keeping sparks away from the clothing – ensuring a particularly long service life and reliable protection.

“The functional coating is a unique selling point that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Simon Radtke, managing director of Reinhard Radtke Metallbau GmbH –  and our video explains exactly how it works:

“The protective layer is great at protecting against sparks – that’s something I could never have imagined,” said Thomas Weber, after having put the protective clothing through its paces. Weber is the workshop manager at HD Bau Bauen GmbH – and was one of the first to register for our trial.

“Finally an end to holes in clothing due to grinding and welding work!” And it doesn’t only leave a good impression with the customer, but also in the budget plan.

And while we’re on the subject of good impressions: Our pioneers also found that our textiles look extremely good. “The design is really great,” said Thomas Weber, extending his praise to the comfort features: “The zipped ventilation slits are another fantastic feature, as is the stretch section on the back.”

Robert Paul is of a similar opinion: “The clothing offers excellent wearer comfort – I’m impressed.”

Reinhard Radtke’s team with customised protective clothing

Quality "made in uvex"

Protection, design, comfort, adapted to a very specific field of activity – all these are characteristics that good industry-specific protective equipment must be able to offer. “Our” metal workers also think that the manufacturer and the fact that we also offer safety goggles, safety shoes, and other items to match the textiles – equipment from head to toe, so to speak – also play an important role.

For Robert Schwindsackel, the spatial proximity and a quality seal like “made in Germany” are the deciding factor: “Customers like that. We earn our money directly here in Germany, so it also sends the right signal to employees and customers if we choose a German manufacturer. And if there are any difficulties, my manufacturer is also close by, and so I can clear up any uncertainties quickly.”

Mr Schmidtkunz (left) and Mr Schwindsackel are very satisfied with the uvex 3-in-1 weather jacket.

Now it's on to you!

Curiosity aroused? The good news: You too can register for a trial. You can find all the relevant details on our metal processing page: Of course, we would also be delighted to advise you about any other questions regarding metal working and PPE from head to toe. Simply write to us here in the comments field or by e-mail to

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