Quality made in uvex

For uvex, quality is much more than the sum of good product features. Quality is a fundamental attitude that dominates companies, objectives, products and services. "Made in uvex" is a quality seal – and our promise to customers, employees and the environment.

What does quality mean?

Quality can include plenty of things: resistance, effectiveness, durability, purity, processing and lots more. High-quality products for us are not a matter of honour but a business model. "Quality made in uvex" also includes processes, social responsibility and economic efficiency.


Creating values

Only if a company is prepared to take full control of developing and manufacturing its own products and services, can it guarantee the quality and safety of these products. From the first developmental sketch to mould-making and final quality control, uvex influences all product parameters. Comprehensive access to the entire value chain gives us the best possible control over the quality of our products.


Offering more quality

Product quality today is frequently measured on a one-sided basis against the standards and specifications that have to be fulfilled in order to get industry-specific certification. uvex goes one step further: During development, we continuously check our products in our in-house test laboratories. This means that our products fulfil the standards in all respects – and even exceed specifications. For that extra bit of safety.


Strengthening our locations

Our company was established in 1926. In the years that followed, uvex began to design, develop and manufacture its own protective eyewear at its parent plant in Fürth. For 90 years we have remained true to our quality standard "Made in uvex" – and, above all, we rely on our technological expertise, extensive specialist knowledge, and the impressive skill and training of our staff at locations in Germany, Europe and overseas.


Protecting resources

327.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 4,000 litres of machine oil, 542 megawatt hours of electricity – taken from the uvex 2014 energy saving summary. Whether reducing harmful emissions, minimising production and raw material consumption or reducing noise pollution: Careful use of resources is a basic principle of our company's philosophy. The costs saved are generously re-invested into the quality of our locations, which in turn adds to the quality of our products.


Maintaining our independence

As a family company now in the third generation, uvex represents stable, long-term development of the company brand alongside its products and services. We exclusively use our own funds to make new investments. A sustainable company policy such as this can only be maintained in a responsibly managed and financially independent environment.


Tool optimisation

Product quality is only as good as the quality of the raw materials and the tools used in the manufacturing process. To ensure the highest quality, we develop our own tools and produce them in collaboration with long-term, reliable partners. This tight interlocking between individual people in the value chain enables us to fully safeguard product quality.