uvex silv-Air premium respiratory masks

Comfort with every breath!

The rigid uvex silv-Air premium respirator is extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to the individually adjustable, extra-wide headband and the soft foam sealing lip.

The nose clip is easy to adjust, ensuring a particularly good fit. The exhalation valve reduces heat and moisture in the mask, making it comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

All models are also available in two different sizes for optimum fit.

Respirators uvex silv-Air premium

  • The shape of the design is optimised so that the mask fits more comfortably and offers maximum protection
  • The integrated nose clip can easily be adjusted to each individual face, guaranteeing a particularly good fit
  • The comfortable sealing lip (in the nose area for FFP1 and FFP2 and in the nose and chin area for FFP3) provides maximum comfort and a reliable fit
  • The masks are packaged individually and therefore meet the highest hygiene requirements
  • The masks can be perfectly combined with all uvex safety spectacles
  • Seamless, extra-wide textile headband that can be adjusted to ensure the mask fits comfortably and securely
  • The mask fulfils the requirements regarding a high dust concentration (dolomite dust test [D])
  • Masks available with an exhalation valve to reduce heat and humidity in the mask
  • Two additional models with activated carbon are available for working with unpleasant odours


respiratory masks uvex silv-Air

Main product features at a glance

1: The nose clip is easy to adjust, ensuring a particularly good fit.

2: The comfortable sealing lip offers maximum comfort and a reliable fit.

3: The masks are packaged individually and therefore meet the highest hygiene requirements.

4: The extra-wide textile headband ensures that the mask fits comfortably and securely.

5: Exhalation valve for reducing heat and humidity.

uvex silv-Air premium respirators FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 – model overview

FFP1 – small- to medium-sized flat-fold masks

FFP2 – small- to medium-sized flat-fold masks

FFP3 – small- to medium-sized flat-fold masks

FFP1 – large flat-fold masks

FFP2 – large flat-fold masks

FFP3 – large flat-fold masks


Respiratory protection – additional information

From FFP1 through to FFP3 masks, we offer solutions for any application area, including: folding masks, preformed masks, masks with a nose clip, metal-free masks, single-use and reusable masks, as well as masks with cooling ventilation effects and odour filters. For optimal respirator functionality, it is very important to ensure that it fits correctly – where appropriate, it should also fit well in combination with suitable safety eyewear.

Combination with uvex protective eyewear

It is often necessary to protect both the eyes and the airways to the same extent. The most important thing in this instance is that the respirator and the protective eyewear are compatible and work together in unison in order to create a full seal.

To combination possibilities

Respiratory protection guide

Our respiratory protection guide provides you with detailed, comprehensive information on all you need to know about respiratory protection. You can also conveniently download the respiratory guide.

To respiratory protection guide (PDF)

uvex Respiratory Expert System

The uvex Respiratory Expert System (URES) is your guide to respiratory protection. It covers all key aspects of respiratory protection, from basic information to handy tips and legal requirements and standards.

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