Mobile apps

uvex in your pocket: With our mobile apps for your iPhone or iPad, you've got essential information at your fingertips about hearing protection, prescription safety spectacles and other topics relating to workplace safety.

uvex size advisor for iPhone and iPad

Finding safety shoes in the right size can be tricky – as it can vary tremendously between different vendors. This iPhone and iPad app let's you take a picture of your feet – and after some algorithm magic, it recommends uvex safety shoes in exactly the size and width that fits best for you!

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Available in English or German

uvex lens tinting app

Test the uvex lens tints virtually
(optimized for iPad)



uvex Decibel app for iPhone

With the uvex Decibel app, you can find the right hearing protection anywhere and at any time. Simply measure the volume to get the right earmuff or earplug recommendation for your current situation.

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uvex i-3 app for iPhone

You can rely on the uvex i-3 safety spectacles to adapt to your face shape – thanks to their ergonomic bridge piece, variable side-arm angle and other innovative features. In this app you will learn all the other features of these extraordinary glasses.

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Available in English, German or French

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