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The uvex academy programme of courses and seminars – training on workplace safety from head to toe

The uvex academy’s programme of courses and seminars, which covers workplace safety from head to toe, will put you and your employees in the best position for success. We offer tailor-made training with industry relevance for almost any challenge you can think of when it comes to occupational health and safety.

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All occupational safety trainings at a glance

Seminars on personal protective equipment

Basics of noise protection (German)
Teaching the professional use of hearing protection
Hand protection in industrial practice (German)
Free seminar on risk analysis in hand protection
Industrial foot protection (German)
Seminar on hazard analysis, selection and use of foot protection
Industrial eye protection (German)
Teaching the correct selection and safe use of eye protection
Prescription spectacles and occupational safety (German)
Seminar on eye protection specifics in case of defective vision

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Laser protection training

Courses and seminars on laser protection and radiation protection

Laser systems are now an indispensable part of many businesses. This makes it even more important to ensure that these facilities are protected and that legal requirements are met. That’s why the uvex academy offers a broad range of training options and courses on laser protection and radiation protection. Plan the right laser protection seminar for your needs now:

  • Laser protection tutorial
  • Laser safety officer for technical applications
  • Commissioning and operational safety for laser systems
  • Applied laser protection (Advanced)
  • Practical course for laser safety officers
  • Laser Safety Officer (English)

Specialist courses and seminars on measuring artificial optical radiation

The German occupational health and safety regulation sets out clear rules and measures relating to optical radiation. To establish whether special radiation protection measures need to be implemented, a test must be carried out by an expert.

The uvex academy is here to help with suitable professional development and advanced training options!

  • Gain the specialist skill “measuring artificial optical radiation”
    seminar measuring artificial optical radiation
    Training occupational safety hand protection

    Courses and seminars on hand protection

    The hands are an indispensable tool in many work processes, which means that they face an increased risk of injury. More than half of all workplace injuries involve the hands, according to statistics on accidents at work. That’s why protecting your hands at work is a key topic in our occupational safety training courses. Our seminars and courses will support you to optimise the measures your company takes to protect hands in a professional way:

    • Hand protection in industrial operations

      Courses and seminars on foot protection

      Just like hand protection, protecting the feet is hugely important in an industrial environment. Injuries to the ankles and feet, as well as to the hands, are the most commonly reported types of injury. This is why extra care is required in order to ensure improved foot protection at work.

      The uvex academy’s workplace safety courses and seminars focussing on foot protection will help you rise to this challenge.

      • Industrial foot protection
      Training occupational safety foot protection
      Training occupational health and safety noise protection

      Courses and seminars on noise protection

      Hearing is an extremely important sense for everyday life and work. However, hearing impairments are steadily becoming the most common work-related disability, and growing numbers of young people are being affected. The uvex academy’s training courses on noise protection will help you implement professional noise protection and hearing protection measures in your company to ensure that hearing is safeguarded into the future.

      • The basics of noise protection

      Courses and seminars on eye protection

      The eyes play a vital role in our everyday work as well as our lives at home. The fact that the eyes are our most important, but also most delicate, sensory organ is all the more reason to pay close attention to eye protection and ensure they are properly looked after. Our courses and seminars on eye protection will give you the knowledge and support you need to be able to address this issue with confidence.

      • Industrial eye protection
      • Prescription spectacles and workplace safety
      Training occupational safety eye protection

      Comprehensive training programme for occupational health and safety at your company

      Specialised structures within an operational environment require individual solutions. The answer is – and always will be – the uvex academy!

      For more than 15 years, the uvex academy has been your expert partner for education and training on workplace safety. With our workplace safety training programme that now includes over 40 different courses in various formats, we will support your business with its occupational health and safety from head to toe.

      Alongside our 40+ certified seminars and training courses on popular topics such as laser protection, we also offer professional development courses tailored to your business needs and processes as well as in-house training courses. This means you benefit from maximum effectiveness and flexibility.