Even heroes need protection

If your job is to rescue people, you also need to protect yourself.
The best way to do this is with professional protective equipment from uvex. Our innovative PPE solutions, which we have developed in cooperation with fire departments, offer optimum safety to those working in emergency services.

For technical rescue just as for reliable post fire gross decontamination: Our practical and holistic product systems are ideal for the requirements of everyday life in the fire brigade — and meet all standards and specifications.

uvex protects the everyday hero. For every operation, in every situation.


PPE developed in cooperation with fire departments

uvex fire and rescue product ranges

personal protective equipment for firefighters in technical rescue

Technical rescue

Reliable protection for every operation
Whether it's vehicle extrication, securing and lifting loads or door breaching: The uvex product system for technical rescue protects emergency services during all technical operations — and can be perfectly combined with firefighter protective clothing.


Personal protective equipment for firefighters in post fire gross decontamination

Post fire gross decontamination

Protecting the health of the emergency services
After fighting a fire, consistent and effective post fire gross decontamination is essential: Our sophisticated product system protects emergency services from hazardous fire residues on PPE and equipment.


Extrication gloves and PPE for firefighters working in technical rescue
Technical rescue uvex fire and rescue product range
Comfortable protective glove with high tactile sensitivity for firefighters

Extrication gloves

HexArmor® Helix® 3007

Article number: 60666

The innovative HexArmor® Helix® 3007 extrication glove has been specially developed for technical rescue operations, making it a reliable companion for fire brigades, EMS and civil protection services. uvex is now offering its customers this tactile and comfortable knitted glove as part of its strategic partnership with the US company HexArmor.

Strong team
Since 2016, uvex and HexArmor have been working together with innovative protective equipment to ensure trust, safety and reliable protection for people.

Protective equipment for firefighters video
Protective glove with protectors for fire brigade use

IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™

Cut protection due to double nitrile coating

Double nitrile coating

Protective glove can be combined with disposable gloves for fire brigade use

Can be combined with disposable gloves

PPE safety eyewear for fire brigade use

Safety eyewear

At the eye protection centre of expertise in Fürth, Bavaria, uvex develops and produces everything from safety glasses to goggles, prescription spectacles and laser protection eyewear — as well as the high-quality coating systems that turn uvex safety eyewear into high-performance premium products, all in accordance with strict quality standards.

uvex pheos cx2

Article number: 9198267

Optimal eye protection in any situation
The high mechanical strength of the uvex pheos cx2 makes it ideal for technical rescue operations (e.g. vehicle extrication). The soft component, which is directly connected to the lens, offers excellent protection against penetrating particles. 


uvex megasonic

Article number: 9320415

Visionary technology at a glance
The revolutionary lens design provides an unrestricted field of vision, meaning the uvex megasonic google ensures the best possible view at all times — allowing for greater perception of hazardous areas during use. Version with indirect ventilation.

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uvex megasonic

Article number: 9320116

Gas-tight version
This version of the uvex megasonic is gas-tight, meaning the safety goggles offer effective protection against glass dust and splinters in the context of glass management.


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Safety eyewear accessories

Eyewear case for uvex pheos cx2

Article number: 9954600

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Eyewear case for uvex megasonic

Article number: 9954514

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Additional PPE for technical rescue

In addition to innovative safety gloves and ergonomic safety eyewear, the PPE range for technical rescue also includes the anatomically shaped uvex xact-fit hearing protection earplugs and the uvex silv-Air 3210 particle-filtering respirator. The thin and reliable uvex u-fit ft NBR disposable glove completes the set.

uvex xact-fit

Article number: 2124026

Hearing protection earplugs in new dimensions
These innovative hearing protection earplugs can be used while wearing gloves and enable excellent speech recognition during use. The plastic earplug box allows the earplugs to be carried in the pockets of the firefighter’s jacket.

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uvex silv-Air classic 3210 FFP2

Article number: 8763210

Excellent combination options
This mask can be perfectly combined with the uvex megasonic safety goggles and the comfortable sealing lip offers reliable protection against glass dust generated during glass management.

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uvex u-fit ft

Article number: 60166

Optimum tactile feel
The uvex u-fit ft is characterised by its good mechanical strength and is very suitable for wearing as a underglove underneath the HexArmor® Helix® 3007.

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Schutzausrüstung für Fire brigade emergency personnel in operational hygiene
Post fire gross decontamination uvex fire and rescue product range

uvex firefighter changing coveralls

The uvex firefighter changing coveralls are an innovative and sophisticated change-of-clothing concept that offers many advantages compared to conventional tracksuits. The uvex firefighter changing coverall is designed to keep the firefighters operational on-scene after post-fire decontamination and doffing procedure - under consideration of the risks and outside the danger zone. The emergency services remain recognisable thanks to a design similar to firefighter PPE.

firefighter changing coveralls outside for firefighters dark with reflectors

uvex firefighter changing coverall, outside

Article number: 17804

dark firefighter changing coveralls inside for firefighters

uvex firefighter changing coverall, inside

Article number: 17805

uvex under-helmet cap

The uvex under-helmet cap can be worn under the fire helmet.

uvex under-helmet cap

Article number: 9790016

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uvex back prints

The uvex back prints are available as standard in reflective silver and are specially designed for the outer firefighter changing coverall.

uvex back print "FIRE DEPARTMENT"

Article number: 9899474

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uvex back print "PLACE NAME"

Article number: 9899475

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uvex firefighter decon kits

After fighting a fire, consistent and effective on-scene gross decontamination is essential: The uvex firefighter decon kits contain extensive equipment and comply with legal requirements as well as the results of studies. In this way, firefighters have the best possible protection against dangerous fire residues on PPE and equipment.

uvex firefighter decon kit — fire crew

Article number: 9405703

Extensive equipment for breathing apparatus wearers for bagging and cleaning contaminated equipment on-scene, for example after a structual fire.

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uvex firefighter decon kit — support crew

Article number: 9405704 / 9405705

Extensive equipment for firefighters who assist in doffing, bagging and cleaning contaminated PPE and other equipment.

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personal protective equipment for fire brigades regarding technical rescue and post fire gross decontamination

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