uvex 3 – safety and comfort made easy.

uvex 3 safety shoes have been specially developed for the extreme demands faced in heavy applications. They combine necessary robustness with a sporty and dynamic design. Equipped with the latest uvex technologies, the uvex 3 reliably protect the wearer while providing high levels of comfort.

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uvex 3 safety shoes for construction workers

Safety Shoes for extreme requirements - what the uvex 3 is all about:

uvex 3 safety shoe with bionom x technology

Unique design approach of safety shoes based on biomechanics.

Innovative climate control system that optimises breathability and climate management.

uvex 3 safety boots for construction with comfortable sole

Midsole with shock absorption and energy-return features, made of foamed polyurethane

uvex 3 safety shoes with esd protection

Electrostatic discharge (ESD-)footwear in accordance with EN 61340-5-1

uvex 3 safety shoe for construction working certified for orthopaedic insoles

uvex medicare +
certified for orthopaedic insoles and shoe adjustments

uvex 3 silicone-free safety shoes

Free of silicones in accordance with automotive industry tests.

Hard work. Easy going. Explained in the x-showcase.

uvex 3: the features

uvex 3 construction safety shoe

Sustainability — recycled insole

The uvex 3 is sustainably produced and is free from harmful substances according to our restricted substances list. What’s more, the insole is made of 85 % recycled foam und 73 % recycled textile.

uvex 3 safety shoe for construction

Extraordinary sensitivity

A high degree of sensitivity and the flexibility of the sole are especially important when operating machines controlled by foot.

uvex 3 safety shoe with waterstop technology

uvex waterstop technology

uvex waterstop technology reliably protects against water penetration for four times longer than required by the standard.

uvex 3 Optimised lacing for increased stability with locking lace hooks

uvex lacelock

Optimised lacing for increased stability with locking lace hooks.

uvex 3 safet shoe with ankle protection

uvex anklepro

Provides excellent protection against painful impacts in the ankle area.

uvex 3 i-pure nrj technology

uvex i-PUREnrj Technology

uvex’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology— uvex i-PUREnrj—returns the landing energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer, redefining shock absorption and stability. The sole of the uvex 3 features a special antifatigue effect thanks to 68% energy return in the forefoot area, 65% energy return underneath the heel and the high shock absorption level of 44 joules.

uvex 3 - for demanding areas such as construction, engineering and heavy industry

uvex 3 S3L CI models – for harsh environments, specially designed for working in cold conditions and snow

With their warm winter lining and water-repellent uvex waterstop leather outer shoe material, the uvex 3 S3L CI models are perfect for clearing snow and carrying out other winter-related tasks.

safety shoes for cold conditions and snow