uvex occupational safety equipment for metalworking

Metalworking covers a wide range of trades and activities — from the installation of railings, fences, gates, doors and windows to the production and installation of lifts, vehicle construction, locking and security technology or the installation of metal facades, all the way through to heavy duty metal/steel structures for bridges, halls and cranes. Complex processes that have to be completed flawlessly, even at high altitudes or in confined spaces, require maximum precision. uvex has always developed and produced personal protective equipment that supports you and your employees in meeting these requirements.

Eye protection for metalworking

When working on milling machines, with angle grinders or in the machining of metal and wood more generally, serious accidents caused by flying foreign objects can occur very quickly, which can cause (permanent) eye damage. Well-fitting safety spectacles can prevent this. For your protection we have been developing and producing safety spectacles ("Made in Germany") for a wide variety of applications for almost 100 years.

Safety spectacles consultants

When it comes to eye protection, there is no such thing as one perfect pair of safety spectacles. Depending on the respective task, a number of characteristics play a role.

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Foot protection for metalworking

Our safety shoes and work shoes in the S1P and S3 protection classes provide optimal protection during indoor and outdoor activities. As a rule, safety shoes are worn throughout the working day and must, in our view, do more than simply protect. We therefore place great importance on wearer comfort, attractive design and breathability.

Shoe size consultant

To find your uvex shoe size, you need to determine the length and width of your feet. Find the right shoe size using our size chart.

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Protective clothing for metalworking

Safety and quality are our top priorities. Our protective clothing and workwear are characterised by an optimal fit, perfect ergonomics and great freedom of movement. No matter which requirements you need our clothing to fulfil, whether that's protection against rotating machine parts, chemical risks or flying sparks, we have the right solution in our range. We are also happy to add your custom company logo or, for example, attach additional reflective stripes to your chosen clothing.

Finishing touches

Do you want your logo on the breast pocket, a large emblem on the back or the brand name on the front of a pair of dungarees? At your request, we can faithfully reproduce your logo, according to your specifications.

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Hearing protection for metalworking

Noise-induced hearing loss has been acknowledged as one of the top three occupational diseases for many years. Noise levels that are too high cause hearing damage slowly, painlessly and irreversibly. That's why we have developed hearing protection for a variety of situations and noise levels — whether that's disposable or reusable earplugs, banded ear protectors or passive/active earmuffs.

Hearing protection consultants

There are many different types of hearing protection, which is required in a range of situations. Find the right hearing protection for you.

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Head protection for metalworking

When it comes to safety helmets, bump caps and visors from uvex you can always find the right product for your application, whether you need an industrial safety helmet for large construction sites, head protection for work at heights or bump caps for particularly tight workspaces where there is an increased risk of impacts. Our head protection products can be used in multiple applications and have a wide range of accessories to choose from. At uvex, we pay particular attention to outstanding product quality, sporty design and high wearer comfort, increasing wearer acceptance among your employees.

Finishing touches

Do you want your logo on your safety helmet or another headguard? The application can be done with different methods and is possible on a wide variety of materials.

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Hand protection for metalworking

During your everyday work, your hands are constantly coming into direct contact with hazardous objects or materials. Safety gloves that are optimally adapted to the hazardous situation are therefore very important. At our centre of expertise for gloves in Lüneburg, Europe's largest safety glove production facility, we manufacture high-quality work gloves for an incredibly wide range of applications. Whether you are carrying out delicate precision work or operating heavy machinery, whether you work in dry, wet or oily environments, whether you come into contact with chemicals or are more likely to be exposed to mechanical risks, we will find the right safety gloves for you.

The perfect safety gloves

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Respiratory protection for metalworking

During the mechanical processing of metal and steel—for example when drilling, milling, grinding, turning or cutting—particles, chips and dust are produced. Our FFP1-FFP3 disposable protective masks protect your lungs by preventing the inhalation of harmful particles and aerosols.

uvex respiratory protection advisor find the right respiratory protection mask

uvex Respiratory Expert System

The fast route to finding the right respirator for your needs.

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Individual personal protective equipment for metalworking

We offer customised personal protective equipment for foot, hearing and eye protection. The more the protective equipment is tailored to the employee and the better it fits the wearer, the more frequently it will be worn, including in hazardous situations.