Protects, eases strain, fits comfortably and can withstand a lot.

With our new uvex suXXeed multifunction collection, you are optimally protected against all hazards. Whether it is protection against heat and flames, short circuit electric arcs or chemicals: the uvex suXXeed multifunction range offers optimum protection and facilitates work with maximum wearer comfort.

With the uvex suXXeed multifunction collection, your search for protective clothing suitable for all applications is over.

Functionality and safety – uvex suXXeed multifunction range

  • multifunctional and suitable for the highest protection requirements, in uvex suXXeed design
  • flame-retardant fabric
  • soft and gentle on the skin
  • flame-retardant reflective stripes
  • integrated stretch fabric panels for increased freedom of movement
  • “high-rise” arm design

Protective features of the uvex suXXeed multifunction collection

All the details of our uvex suXXeed multifunction collection in our x-showcase video format

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uvex protection fire and arc shirts – product ranges can be ideally combined with one another

Combining the uvex protection long-sleeved shirt pro with the uvex suXXeed multifunction range results in an ideal complete package that provides even greater protection against hazards. Worn together, our products achieve an even higher protection class. You can, for example, combine the uvex protection long-sleeved shirt pro in protection class 1 with the uvex suXXeed multifunction jacket to achieve protection class 2!

  • certified heat and flame protection
  • arc flash protection
  • shirt provides supplementary protection against heat, flames and arc flashes electrostatic discharge capacity
  • modacrylic fibres for high resistance to heat and flames
  • one breast pocket with flap and hook-and-loop fastener, loops for holding glasses and pen

Heat and flame protection
(EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, E2, F1)

Arc flash protection
(IEC 61482-1-2 APC 1)

Electrostatic discharge capacity (anti-static)
(EN 1149-5)

Areas of application for the suXXeed multifunction workwear range

Arbeiten an elektrischen Anlagen, Energietechnik (Störlichtbogen-, Hitze-, Flammschutz)

✔    Electrical trade
✔    Chemicals industry
✔    Public utilities
✔    Automotive industry
   Welding work
  Electrical installation
  Plant construction
✔   Energy suppliers

The uvex suXXeed multifunction product range