Antistatic clothing with occupational protection and ergonomics in one

Our new conductive uvex suXXeed ESD collection (electrostatic discharge) offers a combination of functionality, comfort, durability and protection. The antistatic clothing for work contains conductive fibres and meets the industrial requirements of the IEC 61340 standard. By wearing our antistatic protective clothing, sensitive electronic parts can be effectively protected against damage. At the same time, it offers freedom of movement and looks casual. When bending over, stretching and working overhead, the clothes move with you.

In the collection for ESD-workwear you will find work jackets, trousers and coats as well as collection items for women. Everything you need to work in EPAs (electrostatic protected areas) and at ESD workstations.

  • We are particularly proud of our newly developed ESD seamless shirt. This comes without any annoying seams and contains embedded silver threads, which ensure very good volume resistance and have an antibacterial effect.

  • Our ESD jackets and coats have a "high-rise" arm construction. With a performance fit that is adapted to the body, you can move freely all day and with greater ease while working.

  • The ergonomic features and our 3D cut ensure our trousers offer an optimal fit so you feel all-round comfort.

uvex suXXeed ESD – protection and fit in one.

uvex suXXeed ESD seamless shirt

The uvex suXXeed ESD seamless shirt combines protection and functionality to maximum effect

The seamless design does away with the unpleasant chafing caused by seams. The silver threads woven into the fabric are not just antibacterial — they give the shirt excellent volume resistance too. Furthermore, functional zones tailored to the body allow commensurate flexibility and breathability with every movement.

The low product weight is particularly pleasant for the wearer.
A combination of innovative materials, sporty design and a slim fit means this shirt is a cut above its competitors.

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Die ESD Produktreihe

What is uvex protection ESD-clothing?

ESD = electrostatic discharge

The new uvex suXXeed ESD combines protection and ergonomics in one in its antistatic clothing: high-rise arm construction and a perfect 3D fit. Our newly developed ESD seamless shirt comes with no irritating seams and provides optimum wearability thanks to the use of Tencel™. The entire collection contains conductive fibres and is approved in accordance with IEC 61340. EPA (electrostatic protected) areas prevent damage to sensitive electronic products within production.

IEC 61340 ESD standard

The purpose of the IEC 61340 standard is to protect electrical or electronic parts against damage caused by electrostatic discharge. ESD damage may be caused by a charged person/object coming into contact with a sensitive component.

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