High visibility clothing for more safety on the construction site!

Construction sites pose many dangers, so occupational health and safety is paramount. Professional protection by professionals for professionals is therefore indispensable for all construction work. We have developed our uvex suXXeed construction collection to withstand the harsh conditions.

With our construction range in the colours high-vis yellow and high-vis orange, you will be easily visible in low light conditions (certification in accordance with EN 20471) and protected against UV rays and heat (up to LSF 80).

Sustainability is also a concern of ours, and our collection has been produced partly from sustainable materials.

  • Our fleece jacket, for example, is made from 100% Repreve®. This is a polyester fibre made of recycled materials (including PET bottles).

  • Our shirts are also partly made of recycled polyester. They are made of polyester on the outside and cotton on the inside, which increases comfort enormously.

Our construction work clothes offer optimal protection in sun and heat, while keeping you visible in bad weather.

All products of the uvex suXXeed construction collection at a glance

uvex suXXeed construction fleece jacket made from recycled material

  • durable and made from 100% recycled polyester
  • keeps you warm and protected on cold days
  • modern high-visibility certified UV protection
  • certified in line with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Recycled materials

REPREVE® is a polyester fibre made of recycled materials (including plastic bottles). The brand's goal is to recycle 20 billion bottles by 2020. We already use this fibre in some products and we want to use it in our further developments.

UV Standard 801

What does "UV protection" mean?

This method is used to determine the UV protection factor of a textile, which protects the human skin from harmful UV radiation. The calculated UPF (UV protection factor) is used as a multiplier for the skin's self-protection time and indicates how long you can effectively stay in the sun with the fabric without damaging the skin. In cases of non-compliance, the possibility of developing skin cancer cannot be ruled out. Skin cancer is the second most common occupational disease and should not be underestimated. UV protection levels of 2 (low protection) to 80 (high protection) can be achieved.

Why use the UV Standard 801 from Hohenstein?

The primary aim at uvex: "protecting people". Many factors, such as stretching during wear, sweat or mechanical stress, can severely impair UV protection and may be dangerous for the wearer. In tests, the solar spectrum in Australia in high summer is simulated in order to reflect the worst-case scenario.

The Hohenstein certificate in the Protect 80 category applies to the following products:
88308, 88309, 88265, 88266, 88268, 88267, 88269, 88270

The Hohenstein certificate in the Protect 20 category applies to the following products:
88279, 88280, 88277, 88278

Hi-vis clothing in accordance with EN ISO 20471

In order to overcome the various challenges of the construction industry, we offer the uvex suXXeed construction line in a new ergonomic 3D design. The collection includes safe UV protection and is partly made of sustainable materials. The products are also fully certified in accordance with EN 20471.

The EN ISO 20471 standard regulates the minimum requirements for hi-vis clothing. Hi-vis clothing is used to visually signal the presence of the wearer, making the wearer noticeable in dangerous situations, in all possible lighting conditions during the day and when being illuminated by headlights in the dark.

The high contrast between the high visibility clothing and the background in front of which the clothing is seen ensures the wearer is highly visible. Accordingly, protective construction work clothes should be selected with regards to the prevailing background to ensure optimum protection. Hi-vis clothing usually consists of a fluorescent base material and a retro-reflective material. The minimum areas in square metres of the background and retro-reflective material determine the class of hi-vis clothing. The class is indicated as a number to the right of the pictogram as "x". In accordance with EN ISO 20471, high-vis clothing is divided into three risk categories:

  • low risk = visibility
  • medium risk = increased visibility
  • high risk = high visibility

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