uvex 3 asphaltpro: reliable protection for extremely challenging applications

The new uvex 3 asphaltpro is a heat-insulating S3 safety boot designed specifically for tarmac work. A range of features—such as the virtually seam-free construction, ergonomic outsole and antistatic comfortable insole—ensure a pleasant wearing experience for the entire working day.

When working with tarmac, e.g. during road construction work, both the personnel and the materials are exposed to extreme conditions, making professional personal protective equipment absolutely indispensable. With the new uvex 3 asphaltpro, uvex has designed a S3 safety boot specifically for use in these conditions: Its innovative MACSOLE® rubber sole and thermoregulating lining materials provide optimum protection against extreme heat.

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Safety shoe S3 for asphalting work and road construction in black-blue
Shock absorping and comfortable safety boots for asphalting work

Shock absorping and comfortable

Polyurethane in midsole core for optimal shock absorption and comfort for the entire sole

Slip-resistant safety boots for asphalting work and road construction

Grippy and slip-resistant

Certified slip resistance and sufficient grip on machinery and demanding surfaces

Flexible safety shoes S3 with rubber sole for asphalt work and road construction

Flexible and sensitive

Hard-wearing yet flexible rubber sole that ensures the necessary sensitivity for operating machines

Up to 300 degrees Celsius heat-resistant safety boot for road construction
Heat resistance +300°C (HRO)

Heat resistance tested at +300°C (HRO)

Heat insulation tested at +150°C (HI) and at +250°C (HI-3 according to standard DIN EN ISO 20349-1 passed, not certifiable)

Features at a glance

Waterproof safety shoes for road construction

uvex waterstop technology reliably protects against water penetration for four times longer than required by the standard.

Stabilising safety boot for road construction with ankle protection

The anatomically shaped heel basket provides stability and protection against twisted ankles, especially on uneven surfaces.

Safety boots for road construction with reflective stripes for higher visibility

Reflective side strips provide optimal visibility and safety, especially in poorly lit working environments.

Safety shoes for road construction with slip-resistant sole and flat profile

Heat-resistant MACSOLE® rubber sole with flat tread to avoid tread marks. Excellent anti-slip properties on slippery and sloping roadsides.

Safety shoes for road construction with antistatic and heat insulating insock

Anti-static, comfortable insole with moisture transport system and additional shock absorption around the heel and forefoot with heat-insulating film in the forefoot.

Layer structure for optimal protection

uvex 3 asphaltpro safety shoe layer structure

1) Upper with uvex waterstop technology and reflective elements

2) Heat-insulating insock

3) Heat-insulating fleece on the insole

4) Penetration-resistant insert (steel)

5) Heat-insulating fleece

6) Midsole core for optimal shock absorption (PU wedge)

7) Heat-resistant MACSOLE® rubber outsole

uvex 3 asphaltpro