uvex pheos faceguard – innovative and systematic face protection

This innovative face protection system consists of a height- and width-adjustable head strap and a choice of two different visor lenses. The high-quality polycarbonate visor features uvex coating technology to ensure that the wearer's field of vision remains fog-free for a long period of time and that the outside of the visor is scratch-resistant. The mesh visor is made of robust stainless steel and provides reliable protection when working outdoors. The earmuffs can be attached and removed quickly using a rotating mechanism.


uvex pheos faceguard in detail

The face protection system can be expanded with a wide range of accessories and adapted to suit the application.

Cooling sun and neck protection

Ideal for working outdoors

Removable K1P earmuffs

and hygiene kit

Wheel ratchet system

with wide neck piece, single-handed width adjustment with wheel ratchet system for a customised, comfortable fit. Suitable for head sizes 52–64. Replaceable suspension harness and sweatband.

Additional bump cap (EN812)

Can be clipped into the system.
Unique combination:
visor and bump cap

Sun visor

Two-point chin strap

Visor made from robust polycarbonate

Scratch-resistant outside, anti-fog inside, UV400 protection

Stainless steel mesh visor

with a high level of light transmission

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The benefits of the uvex pheos faceguard at a glance

Ready to use

The uvex pheos faceguard is a fully pre-assembled face protection system. This means there is no need to connect the individual components; it is ready for use immediately.

There are three different versions available:
9790211 uvex pheos faceguard
9790212 uvex pheos faceguard with hearing protection
9790215 uvex pheos faceguard mesh visor with hearing protection


Sturdy polycarbonate visor with anti-fog and scratch-resistant uvex supravision excellence coating. The anti-fogging properties are permanent, even with frequent cleaning. The non-stick nanotechnology ensures effortless cleaning under running water. UV400 offers the highest level of protection against UV rays. The visor's large field of vision offers a wide, unrestricted view. The stainless steel mesh visor offers excellent light transmission.

robustes Polycarbonat-Visier mit beschlagfreier und kratzfester Beschichtung
Das Visier wird stufenlos arretiert und liegt in seiner Ruheposition sehr zentral über dem Kopf.

Comfortable fit

The visor features a spring-loaded coupling rod for variable locking and sits centrally above the head in its resting position when not in use. This promotes a natural posture and minimises strain on the neck. The slim design also ensures that the guard does not get in the way, offering maximum freedom of movement. The wide uvex spiderneck neck piece ensures that the system fits securely and comfortably on the wearer's head. The width adjustment mechanism means the neck piece can be adjusted to any size with one hand—even when wearing gloves—to guarantee a perfect fit.

Modular and adaptable

The uvex pheos faceguard is an expandable multi-system with a wide range of accessories that is constantly growing. We pride ourselves on offering modular products with maximum compatibility — which is why the visor, earmuffs, suspension harness and sweatband are all replaceable. Hearing protection accessories can be attached and removed quickly using a bayonet lock. A slide-on sun visor for outdoor work and a click-in chin strap for working upside down offer additional protection. The system can also easily be combined and expanded with prescription spectacles or a respirator. This makes the uvex pheos faceguard the perfect product for a wide range of applications.

Der uvex pheos faceguard ist ein erweiterbares Multisystem und lebt durch ein stetig wachsendes Zubehörsortiment.

Why do we recommend uvex pheos faceguard?

"From discussions with our customers, it's clear that users want a single solution that can do it all — especially when it comes to face protection. But maximum protection doesn't just mean having the right lens — it's also important to have the right accessories, and ours feature sophisticated attachment solutions. The uvex pheos faceguard combines all our best products in a state-of-the-art face protection multi-system."

Franziska Dickerhof — Product Coordinator HEAD, UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GMBH

"I've tested lots of different combinations of face and hearing protection when cutting objects free under tough conditions. I noticed there was a gap in the market for an all-in-one, ergonomic system that fits comfortably on the head. Accessories such as sun protection and decent spare parts solutions for replacement lenses, sweatbands or sealing pads on earmuffs are difficult to find — that's if you can even find them at all. This experience told us exactly what our new uvex pheos faceguard needed to offer, and led us to create a system with limitless functionality and maximum modularity."

Wolf Wagner — Product Management HEAD, UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GMBH

See uvex pheos faceguard in action

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Did you know that our neck is already exposed to four to five kilograms at a zero degree angle of inclination? The further the incline, the greater the strain. This is often the case in industrial applications. Find out how this affected the design of the uvex pheos faceguard in our uvex expert blog. 


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