Superior in all disciplines. The innovative uvex 2 safety shoe range in protection classes S2, S1 P and S3 is up to every challenge: optimal shock absorption, ergonomic fit, low weight and excellent climate characteristics ensure maximum performance at work and redefine the limits for safety shoes.

uvex 2 safety footwear – basic features


Controlling undesired electrostatic charge is assuming an increasingly important role in industry and more and more employees come into contact with processes, materials or(objects which are sensitive to electro static.

It is often necessary to use safety footwear as part of a system to conduct electrostatic charge in such workplaces.

Independent of various measuring methods, volume resistance between 100 kiloohms (1.0 × 105 ohms) and 35 megohms (3.5 × 107 ohms) is still( required to fulfil the various relevant norms (e. g. EN ISO 20345, EN(61340).

R = electrical resistance

The uvex 2 PU/PU sole is free from harmful substances that interfere with wetting agents.

uvex xenova® System

The uvex xenova® system is a comprehensive, completely metal-free safety system to protect the foot inside a safety shoe.

Latest generation uvex xenova® toe cap: The cap sits perfectly without pressure points. Ensuring increased wearer comfort when kneeling and during impacts.

uvex xenova® penetration-resistant midsole: The flexible, penetration-resistant xenova® midsole exactly matches the width of the insole. The metal-free toe cap and midsole don’t transmit the cold and are comfortable to wear.

The uvex safety shoes certified for orthopaedic adaptations are based on established uvex technologies. You can recognise them by the uvex medicare symbol in the production descriptions.

All individual and special orthopaedic solutions are developed by our orthopaedic master shoemakers. The uvex network of certified orthopaedic businesses looks after the adaptation service locally.

Our individual and special orthopaedic solutions are certified and type-examined by the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production) and TÜV Rheinland and meet the following standards:

• DGUV 112-191/ÖNORM Z 1259: meets the requirements of the revised rules of the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention for health and safety at work – DGUV 112-191 (Germany) and ÖNORM Z 1259 (Austria).

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uvex 2 safety footwear - special features

Energy-Saving and Lightweight

ergonomic lightweight construction

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Get your team into top shape
The ergonomic lightweight construction of the uvex 2 range reduces strain on the body in everyday work situations and prevents premature fatigue.

Ultra lightweight
The uvex 2 range is one of the lightest S2, S3 and S1 P safety footwear ranges for robust applications in its field. *

* Measurement data refers to the perforated shoe, size 42.

Shock Absorption System

for Professionals

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Relieve strain with every step
The first class multilayer shock absorption system has been specifically developed for use in demanding conditions, providing effective protection for the back and joints.

100% better than the standard
With up to 40 joules of energy absorption in the heel area, the uvex 2 reduces strain on the body. In spite of the penetration-resistant midsole (S1 P, S3), the energy absorption in the heel is approximately twice that required by EN ISO 20345.

The uvex 2 multilayer shock absorption system and anti-static comfort insole with additional shock absorption elements at the heel and forefoot, help protect the musculoskeletal system on hard or rough terrain.

Robust and flexible

excellent stability and high flexibility

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Stay flexible
The uvex 2 range is extremely robust and provides optimum protection – the advanced ergonomics guarantee maximum freedom of movement with world-class stability.

Highly flexible
Enjoy unlimited freedom of movement, especially when kneeling, thanks to the flexible penetration resistant, metal-free insole (S1 P, S3).

Excellent stability
The externally visible heel basket system integrated into the sole ensures sure-footedness and additional ankle protection without impairing comfort.

PU scuffcap
The directly moulded PU scuffcap ensures reliable protection of the upper and prevents wear and tear when kneeling.

Optimum grip

with every step

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Walk and stand safely.

2 outsole systems:

  • robust PU/PU outsole: Outdoor sole with excellent grip properties and optimum shock absorption
  • MACSOLE® outsole: the patented rubber compound is optimized for applications with challenging floor conditions and, in addition to the standard characteristics of the uvex 2 PU/PU sole, integrates enhanced slip resistance, abrasion resistance, heat and cold resistance and chemical resistance

Perfect foot climate

for excellent comfort

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uvex climazone
Combines optimum ventilation with moisture wicking properties:

  • climate-optimised shoe construction
  • extensive perforation*
  • highly breathable upper materials
  • distance mesh lining
  • removable comfort insole

World-class wearability
The ergonomic fit and sophisticated uvex climazone climate management system make uvex 2 safety shoes extremely comfortable.

uvex quick-lace system
The uvex no tie quick-lace system allows laces to be adjusted easily and adapt throughout the day keeping feet comfortable.**

uvex monoskin
The largely seamless uvex 2 monoskin shafts offer excellent comfort without pressure points.

* Depends on model (perforated shoe and sandal).

** Depends on model. Standard shoelaces (also supplied) can be used if preferred.

uvex sympatex

optimaler Komfort für jedes Wetter

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Reliable protection for every use and extremely comfortable to wear: the uvex 2 STX MACSOLE® in a sporty look is waterproof thanks to its sympatex equipment and at the same time highly breathable - even at high temperatures in summer or during heavy physical activity.

Sympatex – waterproof, breathable, windproof

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • Dry feet thanks to water vapor dissipation to the outside
  • Recyclable and recycled, PFC free, PTFE free, CO2 neutral

uvex 2 soles

  • Meets ESD requirements: bleed resistance < 35 megaohm.
  • Slip resistance (SRC) >>Show video
  • Rugged, self-cleaning sole ensures maximum grip for demanding applications, uneven or dirty floors (SRC labelling).
  • Effective ankle protection to ensure safety when working on ladders.
  • Free from harmful substances that interfere with wetting agents.
  • Abrasion-resistant TPU sections for secure foot placement to help prevent accidents.
  • Orthopaedic adjustments in accordance with German DGUV regulation 112-191 and Austrian ÖNORM Z1259 possible.
  • Resistant to oil and petrol. Resistant to temperatures for short periods up to +120 °C.
  • Heat-insulating (HI label, tested at +150 °C)
  • As light as a PU sole
  • Heat-resistant outsole for short periods up to +300 °C (HRO label
  • Improved chemical resistance compared to PU soles
  • Increased cut resistance
  • Orthopaedic insoles in accordance with German DGUV regulation 112-191 and Austrian ÖNORM Z1259 possible
  • Highly flexible in the cold

uvex 2 awards

The Plus X Award is the world's largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.

Prestigious awards like the iF Gold Award and the German Design Award confirm that the uvex 2 range meets the highest demands for shape and design as well as proving that functional products can also look good.

uvex 2 product range

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