Superior in all disciplines. The innovative uvex 2 safety shoe range in protection classes S2, S1 P and S3 is up to every challenge: optimal shock absorption, ergonomic fit, low weight and excellent climate characteristics ensure maximum performance at work and redefine the limits for safety shoes

uvex 2 safety footwear - special features

  • Energy-Saving and Lightweight: ergonomic lightweight construction, 100% metal-free
  • Shock Absorption System for Professionals: 100% better than the standard due to multilayer shock absorption system and comfort insole
  • Robust and flexible: Excellent stability due to heel basket and PU scuff cap, high flexibility due to metal-free design and ergonomic shape
  • Optimum grip with every step. Robust and lightweight uvex 2 PU/PU sole
  • 2 outsole systems: robust PU/PU outsole or VIBRAM® rubber outsole
  • Comfort with perfect foot climate: multi-width system, speed-lace system, monoskin shaft and uvex climazone




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