Self-illuminating hi-vis protection: uvex protection active flash

When it comes to protective clothing, adverse weather conditions are always a challenge. uvex hi-vis clothing minimises any risk, since uvex has equipped the products in its protection active flash collection with additional light guides from OSRAM®. The result is self-illuminating jackets and vests that make sure you are visible in even the most adverse weather conditions.


Safety through active lighting – uvex protection active flash

  • Certified in accordance with high visibility standard EN ISO 20471
  • Guaranteed for at least 20 wash cycles (15 more than the standard requires)
  • 8-hour battery life thanks to long-lasting batteries
  • 2,500 hours’ guaranteed service life for light guides from OSRAM®
  • Low 5-volt voltage to ensure safety in wet working conditions
  • EMC-tested and confirmed fault-free
  • 100% visibility thanks to large light guide surface
  • Safe to use in road traffic environments

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EN ISO 20471
uvex active protection lighting vest video

Areas of application

For all industries in which poor visibility is part of the job – including: motorway and road maintenance units, fire service, police, rescue services, construction industry, city and local authority services, forestry. An interesting case study from the transport & logistics sector can be found in our expert blog.

Active light source

Es kommt eben doch auf die Details an: LED-Lichtleiter in der aktiven Leuchtweste

The active lighting is down to an innovative LED light guide system, developed in collaboration with OSRAM®. The cables for the optical fibres are integrated in the back of the garment, between the outer fabric and the lining. The pulsating light source makes the wearer more visible in poor weather conditions, even from a distance.


Softshelljacke und Warnweste mit aktiv leuchtenden LED-Lichtwellenleitern von OSRAM

Our vest and softshell jacket are each equipped with four optical fibres (4LL) and the textiles are certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX® standard 100. The 4LL vest meets high visibility standard EN ISO 20471 class 1, the softshell jacket class 2.


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