Workwear trousers and shirts for hobby workshop
Work dungarees for do-it-yourselfers

Made for work: uvex tune-up professional workwear for use at home

Screwing, drilling, milling, hammering, painting, crafting, grinding — sound like your perfect weekend? With the uvex tune-up workwear collection, DIY enthusiasts are perfectly protected while they are hard at work. Kitted out from head to toe, you will be ready to take on any project, from home renovations and gardening work to pottering about in your workshop.

As a workwear product system, the uvex tune-up collection offers robust and high-quality work clothing for men and women that is designed to work together perfectly:

  • Workwear outer clothing: Softshell jackets with and without hood, fleece jackets and hybrid vests for indoor and outdoor work
  • Workwear T-shirts and jumpers: Tops for any season made from high-quality cotton
  • Workwear trousers: Extremely durable cargo trousers, bermudas and dungarees with lots of pockets and extra CORDURA® reinforcements in areas subject to high stress
  • Workwear shoes and safety spectacles: Matching accessories

Get inspired by our trendy and functional workwear collection. Be prepared for your next project with the uvex tune-up workwear collection.

Modern and durable workwear for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists

Functional and durable workwear made for work

Made for work

tune-up workwear is robust and provides optimal protection when doing DIY, gardening and pottering about in your workshop. Thanks to durable materials with CORDURA® reinforcements in areas subject to high stress, tune-up workwear is suitable for a wide range of DIY projects and the sophisticated features provide increased protection from head to toe. uvex tune-up workwear: High-quality products made for work.

Trendy workwear with functional features

Functional and trendy

With practical features such as intelligently placed outer and inner pockets and sturdy belt loops for holding tools, uvex tune-up workwear allows you to work efficiently, whatever your needs. With the subtle, perfectly matching colour tones, the work clothing also looks impressive. uvex tune-up workwear: Functional and trendy work clothing with professional features and a professional look for working at home.

Workwear with regular fits, wide range of sizes and great choice of colours

For anyone and everyone

Regular fits for men and women,  a wide range of sizes and a great choice of colours — the uvex tune-up workwear collection is sure to offer the perfect workwear for you. Do you need a T-shirt or jumper, airy bermudas or practical dungarees, durable hybrid vest, softshell jacket for protection against light rain or fleece jacket for cool temperatures? The uvex tune-up workwear collection offers the perfect product for all of your needs.

Work jackets in the uvex tune-up collection

T-shirts and jumpers in the uvex tune-up collection

Work trousers in the uvex tune-up collection

Work shoes and work socks in the uvex tune-up collection

Safety spectacles in the uvex tune-up collection

Trendy and functional workwear for do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists