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It is quite common for people with foot conditions to struggle with standard safety shoes, and often their only option is to turn to expensive custom-made solutions. For diabetics in particular, choosing a well-fitting safety shoe is often a big challenge. As an expert in occupational health and safety, uvex has tackled this problem and, by developing the uvex motion 3XL safety shoe, has come up with a solution. Below, we take a closer look at the characteristics of the illness and explain the advantages of our professional and practical product innovation.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that affects both blood sugar levels and the skin’s moisturising mechanisms. It can involve nerve dysfunction that affects the skin’s moisture regulation, causing a very dry and brittle skin surface. As a result, there is an increased risk of callouses and cracks, which means bacteria can penetrate the skin more easily and cause infections there.

Since nerve damage also reduces sensitivity to pain, there is a further risk: it may not be possible to feel pressure points and chafe points in the shoe properly, which drastically increases the risk of injury through chafing.

uvex safety Sicherheitsschuh 3XL Motion in Schwarz

In Germany alone, there are more than 7 million people living with diabetes, with around 500 more being added to this number every day.

With our innovative uvex motion 3XL product, we can now offer those of them who are dependent on comfortable and healthy safety shoes for their work a modern and well-thought-out solution for their particular orthopaedic needs.

uvex motion 3XL – orthopaedic safety shoes for diabetes-adapted insoles

uvex motion 3XL safety shoes have been specially developed for very wide feet or foot deformities and are a cross between standard safety shoes and made-to-measure shoes: with widths greater than 15, orthopaedic adjustments of all kinds can be made both outside of the shoe and inside it. The uvex motion 3XL offers adequate space to accommodate even thick orthopaedic insoles. Thanks to our integrated uvex medi-cap protective toe cap with its extra-large volume, the risk of pressure points and lesions in the forefoot region is significantly reduced.

uvex medi-cap technologie im Vergleich

The advantages of our safety shoes for diabetics:


  • Extra-soft, adjustable and external lacing system with cushioned tongue
  • Soft and elastic transition between toe cap and tongue
  • Especially high and wide uvex medi-cap protective toe cap
  • Optimum freedom of movement of the toes
  • Sufficient space for hammer toes, claw toes, splints, insoles or light foot dressings
  • All-round sole stiffener as impact protection and to improve the life of the safety shoe
  • Metal-free front cap and midsole made from high-tech plastic to meet S3 requirements according to EN ISO 20345:2011
  • Generous widths greater than 15 and space for a thick orthopaedic insole
  • Triple-lined with extra-soft cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Reduced risk of friction due to virtually seam-free construction
  • Construction material comprising soft, conductive EVA 6 mm thick foam and an orthopaedic insole with an EVA core
  • Extended heel cap inside and outside for optimum heel guidance, improved body statics and stability
  • Special cushioning of the edging, ankle and Achilles tendon area to prevent pressure points
  • Sporty, fashionable design to increase willingness to wear and reduce illness-related absences

Tested and certified to ISO 20345:2011

The uvex motion 3XL not only offers ample space and unique wearer comfort, but it also meets all safety requirements. As an S3 shoe, it offers full occupational protection as per ISO 20345:2011, slip resistance SRC and varnish neutrality. The safety shoe is also certified for use with orthopaedic inlays and shoe adjustments. Diabetics no longer have to choose between wearer comfort and occupational safety: the uvex motion 3XL combines the two in a modern shoe design.

No matter which area you work in – the uvex motion 3XL is fully customised to your needs. So you can stop worrying about your diabetic feet and get a head start with the right safety shoes!

Please note: use of the uvex motion 3XL in combination with orthopaedic/medical treatment, regardless of prophylactic or medical diagnosis (e.g. prevention of diabetes-related subsequent foot problems) must be evaluated and approved by an orthopaedic specialist.

The uvex motion 3XL is a big help for more than just diabetics. The safety shoe also supports your foot if you are suffering from arthritis, arthroses, joint restrictions, shortened tendons, heel spurs or problems in the lower leg area. Contact us using the following contact form and get our all-rounder for healthy feet at work.

uvex safety Sicherheitsschuhe im Querschnitt

Are you an end consumer who wants to buy uvex motion 3XL safety shoes for your private comfort? No problem! Find a uvex orthopaedic shoemaker near you by clicking on the following button.


Do you suffer from diabetes or another foot condition? We would love to hear about your experiences with safety shoes. In our blog, you can also find interesting information about foot conditions and foot deformities.


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