They’re adventurers, DIY enthusiasts, master builders and everyday heroes. They love a challenge and put their heart and soul into everything they do. Away from the big building sites and high-risk jobs, they’re exposed to dangers that shouldn’t be underestimated. Yet they still remain relaxed and focused, achieving good results, thanks to outstanding equipment. They trust the protection provided by uvex safety products. Our home stories feature people reporting on their very own areas of application and favourite products.

When someone has done judo for 17 years, running will be far too one-sided as a replacement sport in the long term. That’s what it was like for the head of our SBU Eyewear, Dr Marco Wacker. Even increasing his distances from 10 to 21 and ultimately 42 kilometres was not enough to satisfy his hunger for “more”. Then he discovered RUNTERRA. Marco still clearly remembers his first training session for one of the most challenging obstacle courses in Germany. After three hours, it ended with a swim in the Main-Danube Canal, at an outside temperature of three degrees Celsius. In that moment in winter three years ago, Marco found a new love – and since then, obstacle courses have been marked in red in his diary!

Extreme obstacle courses? Why put yourself through something like that?

Even if his colleagues sometimes can’t understand it, Marco really comes alive tramping and swimming through the river Bibert, plunging into mud pits or crawling under a barbed wire trellis. He enjoys climbing sand hills and piles of tyres just as much as dragging around extra weights and running about in soaking wet clothes. One lap on the large RUNTERRA adult playground is eight kilometres long – and because it’s so enjoyable, Marco generally does the course twice in a row.

Despite all the fun however, he feels it’s important not to overlook safety. “What makes these kinds of events challenging and exciting on the one hand – overcoming your weaker self by plunging into deep mud pits and then, filthy, exhausted, possibly freezing as well, immediately having to sprint again or balance at a dizzying height – also harbours risks on the other hand.” To overcome a total of 100 obstacles without injury, Marco and his team mates all wear uvex phynomic C5 cut protection gloves, because they are “comfortable to wear and have a super grip with no restrictions,” which is particularly useful when it comes to obstacles that involve climbing or crawling.

Product testing under extreme conditions

Last year Marco decided to be practical and used the course to test out the uvex pheos cx2 sonic mini wide-vision goggles, which were still in development at the time. After 160 minutes, 16 kilometres and 100 obstacles at 30 degrees Celsius, he delivered his verdict. “What can I say? No slipping and no fogging thanks to the unique lens coating, and the air vents allow water to drain away after you’ve been diving in the river Bibert!”

For uvex brand ambassador Marco and his family and friends, uvex is more or less a constant presence in their free time – whether they’re gardening, skiing or cycling. Furthermore, his adventurous obstacle courses are perfect for testing the suitability of uvex products under more extreme conditions. He already has a plan for the next RUNTERRA: “I’m going to test the uvex pheos cx2 sonic with our new CBR65 filter. I’m looking forward to it already!”

We would like to sincerely thank Dr Marco Wacker for his contribution and wish him every success with the next obstacle course!

uvex is pleased that its occupational safety products are being used in the personal domain. Naturally, it is not possible for us to ensure that the right product is used for the right activity here. uvex therefore assumes no liability for the appropriateness or correct use of the products or for ensuring that they are up-to-date, and shall not be held liable if third-party products are used.

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