Bright light, reflective surfaces or changing light conditions in our daily working life can all put additional stress on the human eyes. The uvex CBR65 tint with 65% transmission enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light. Innovative uvex coatings ensure extreme scratch resistance and permanent anti-fog performance – ensuring your team remains focused on the task in every situation.

C = Contrast enhancement

The innovative CBR65 lens tint ensures better contrasts – for noticeably more comfortable vision, even in diffuse light.

B = Blue light reduction

uvex safety spectacles with the special uvex CBR65 lens tint reduce blue light at extremely bright workstations by up to 50%, providing reliable protection against harmful blue light emissions.

R = Relaxed vision

The lightly tinted lens is 65% light-permeable and reduces blue light by up to 50% at 450 nm – the optimum level for demanding visual requirements under extremely bright artificial light and natural light.


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