“A few years ago, our laboratory employees started complaining frequently of headaches and eye fatigue. They couldn’t concentrate on their work, which in turn had a negative effect on performance and productivity.  An in-depth analysis revealed the new LED lamp lighting as a possible cause. In the search for a solution, we gave our employees uvex safety spectacles with the uvex CBR65 tint, which filters out blue light. This enabled us to solve the problem and to significantly improve our employees’ workplace well-being.”

HSE manager, pharmaceutical company – Germany

Why blue light caused this problem for our customer and how our safety spectacles help eliminate these risks:

This is just one case of many. Due to the increased use of LED lighting and VDUs, most of us are exposed to an excessive amount of blue light both at work and at home. Laboratory workers in particular face even tougher visual challenges – dazzling artificial light sources (LED lighting), the use of multiple screens, as well as work in brightly lit rooms with white furnishings and reflective surfaces such as acrylic glass, stainless steel and measuring instruments.

Over time, all of this creates visual stress for the human eye, resulting in employees complaining more frequently of headaches and eye strain. It also impairs employees’ concentration and performance (concentration is very important for laboratory work). And in the long term, working in conditions like these can cause eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

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To protect the human eye, wearing safety spectacles that provide the eyes with 100% protection against UV radiation up to 400 nm and absorb harmful blue light (380 and 450 nm) is recommended.

The special uvex CBR65 lens tint provides 100% UV protection, reduces blue light by 50% and increases contrast, for fatigue-free and relaxed vision, which in turn has a positive effect on employee concentration and well-being. This technology, with its slight, pleasant tint, offers long-term, preventive protection for the eyes against overlighting and irritating reflections.

In work environments where safety spectacles are mandatory, many employees are already wearing uvex CBR65 safety spectacles – and no longer experiencing headaches or eye fatigue!

Safety glasses with uvex CBR65 lens tint

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