The days are getting shorter and the sun is becoming a rarity: Autumn is just around the corner. And with autumn comes the dark time of year. This makes it all the more important to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) that is suitable for the light and weather conditions. This blog post is the start of a series in which we introduce the optimal PPE for all four seasons, bit by bit. Read all about the dangers and challenges of working in low light in autumn and the role of our innovative “uvex protection active flash” products.

Night work & work in poor lighting conditions

While many people can perform their jobs indoors in nice temperatures and with good lighting conditions all year round, a large number of people have to do their work outside, no matter the season and no matter the weather. Whether it’s just a little cloudy, light rain or even a thunderstorm approaching — the fire brigade, police and emergency services have to be out there defying the weather, especially when conditions get tough.

But while fire fighters, paramedics and police officers are busy helping others, they inevitably put themselves at risk. Especially at night or in changeable weather and poor visibility, the emergency services can be overlooked by oncoming vehicles and seriously injured or even killed. The same applies to construction workers and logistics service providers, as well as lorry drivers who have to get out of their vehicles on the road due to a breakdown. Wearing protective clothing has always been mandatory in these industries, but in some cases this protection is not enough. This is because with conventional warning protective clothing, the wearer is only seen in the dark when light from headlights, street lamps etc. reflects off the reflective strips of the warning vest. But what happens if there is no light to reflect or the reflection is seen too late?

At uvex, we thought of an actively lit warning vest and equipped the uvex protection active flash collection with light guides.

uvex protection active flash — the self-illuminating hi-vis vest

The solution for better visibility at night, twilight or in bad weather is a self-illuminating hi-vis vest: uvex protection active flash. With this innovation, rescue workers, road workers and logistics workers become unmissable. Whether during rescue operations, road maintenance, on construction sites or on the way to work — the actively glowing vest ensures you stay safe.

But how exactly does this active lighting work and what are its advantages?

In addition to the conventional reflective strips, active lights have been included in the uvex protection active flash collection. The lights used are an innovative light guide system, developed together with OSRAM®. These are powered by a sustainable battery, which ensures that the light component operates continuously for approx. 8 hours. The cables for the light guides are integrated into the back of the garment, between the outer fabric and the lining. Do you work outside in the rain and get wet frequently? Thanks to the low 5 V voltage, the active lighting does not pose any danger to you in wet conditions and protects you reliably in case of rain.

Practical feature: Selected models from the uvex protection active flash collection have a switch for different lighting modes. This allows you to decide whether the light guides should be set to constant, flash pulse or soft pulse. The pulsating light increases your visibility, even in poor weather conditions and even from a long distance away. Of course, you can also completely switch off the light guide systems if required.

Unmissable advantages of uvex protection active flash

  • Certified in accordance with high visibility standard EN ISO 20471
  • At least 20 wash cycles guaranteed
  • 2,500-hour service life for the light guides
  • Sustainable battery runtime of 8 hours
  • Low 5-volt voltage to ensure safety in wet working conditions
  • EMC-tested, failure-free
  • 100% visibility

Light up the dark time of year with our unmissable uvex protection active flash products. Still not fully convinced? Then read the test report from the logistics service provider DB Schenker.

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