Regardless of whether you push yourself to your physical limits in your free time or as a professional sportsperson as part of your job – this is usually an uncomfortable challenge for those who wear spectacles. This is why we have developed prescription sports eyewear suitable for every head shape and level of eyesight: uvex sportstyle RX. Let us introduce you to the practical product innovation that will allow you to experience more freedom and do what you love with fewer limitations.

Enjoy sport despite having poor eyesight – with uvex sports eyewear

Spectacle wearers often do not have it easy – particularly when it comes to sport, spectacles can be cumbersome and affect a person’s success. Everyday glasses pinch at the most inconvenient times, slip or fall down. If the lenses are then broken, if the side arms are broken off or the frame is bent as a result, then the wearer will likely be very angry. However, when practising sport, people shouldn’t have to continuously check that their glasses are still in position or that they will not be broken; rather, they should always have their performance and goal in mind. Constantly worrying about glasses means that we are not concentrating on the task at hand when doing sport and therefore cannot perform at the best of our ability. This is an absolute no-go for both professional and amateur sportspersons and can have a negative impact on any career.

So that spectacle wearers can finally practise sports reliably without having to worry about their eyewear, we developed uvex sportstyle RX – prescription sports eyewear.

Our sports glasses feature HD corrective lenses made from polycarbonate or Trivex, which offer maximum protection for every type of sport. Thanks to coordinated tints and super anti-reflection properties, reflected light and reflections are significantly reduced, guaranteeing optimum vision in all light conditions. uvex sportstyle RX sports glasses are suitable for every head shape – it does not matter whether your head shape is particularly wide or very narrow: maximum flexibility, safety and optimum visual comfort are guaranteed in every case.

For even more individuality, we offer two different glazes in our uvex sportstyle RX range:

  • direct glazing
  • indirect glazing

uvex sportstyle RXd – direct glazing

These glasses feature curved frames with an 8-base curve. These prescription sports glasses provide excellent protection against airborne particles and protect the wearer from unpleasant air turbulence. The wrap-around frames ensure perfect vision on the ski slope, during a run and on a trail. The nose pads can be individually adjusted and the non-slip sidearms with metal insert ensure optimum hold for any requirement. Of course, the corrective lenses are professionally adjusted to your individual eyesight and needs by an optician to ensure optimum vision.

Find out about uvex sportstyle RXd products

uvex sportstyle RXi – indirect glazing

The indirect glazing design features a corrective insert that can be integrated into a frameless pair of sports glasses thanks to revolutionary uvex clipnetic technology. The lens insert is fitted via a magnet and can be removed again as needed. This means that the glasses can also be worn with contact lenses with the use of an individual nose bridge.

To the uvex sportstyle RXi range

To ensure optimum vision in all lighting conditions, we offer a range of different lenses – find out more in the next section.

uvex lens technology – perfectly tailored to meet every requirement

With uvex polavision®, rays of light are admitted from only one direction and scattered light is significantly reduced. This increases the depth of focus and the wearer is not blinded by reflective surfaces, as can be the case when cycling on wet roads. This increases safety and enhances performance.

A consistent tint on the lenses – the intensity and colour of which can be individually adapted to the wearer – provides reliable protection against glare. Glare protection is enhanced by mirrored lenses. This involves a coloured layer being vaporised onto the corrective lenses, whereby incoming light is reflected.

Prescription sunglasses for sport – uvex colorvision®

It doesn’t matter whether there’s rain, fog or dazzling sunshine, there’s no such thing as bad weather for an athlete – only inappropriate clothing. This is why we developed the uvex sportstyle RX collection with lenses suitable for all conditions. Like all uvex tints, uvex colorvision® lenses provide one-hundred percent UV protection. They enable enhanced contrast and therefore ensure optimum vision in any weather and lighting conditions. The three innovative colour filters provide unique colour contrast in every environment – on the ski slope, in cycling events, in the forest or through the city – so that your vision is crystal-clear at all times.

The lens technology used in the uvex sportstyle RX collection is unique and ideal for any weather conditions and season thanks to a whole range of innovative characteristics and technological features.

variomatic® technology – self-tinting sports glasses

uvex variomatic® technology involves self-tinting lenses. The lenses, which already feature a slight tint, react to UV radiation and steplessly become darker depending on the light or automatically lighten if there is a low incidence of light. As a result, optimum vision is ensured in any type of weather and it is no longer necessary to switch between glasses – because your uvex sports glasses switch to prescription sports sunglasses depending on the circumstances.

It is even more innovative when uvex variomatic® and uvex colorvision® are combined: automatic lens tinting together with unique contrast enhancement ensure incomparable vision for every sports activity.

Discover the innovative uvex sports glasses with the complete sports package comprising uvex colorvision® and uvex variomatic® technology in one lens.

To uvex sportstyle RXi 4103 CV V

Would you also like to be able to practise sport without any limitations in the future and see your surroundings with crystal-clear vision even while at high speed and in poor weather conditions? Then get your individual uvex prescription sports glasses now – we will happily provide in-depth advice! Tell us about your experiences with uvex prescription sports glasses in the comments – we look forward to reading about your sporting endeavours!

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