As a family enterprise, we take a long-term view – which is why sustainability is incredibly important to us. When it comes to developing uvex products, we also place great value on using sustainable materials – find out more about our sustainable workwear and uvex as a sustainable company in this context in this blog post.

Fair Trade workwear – sustainable product line at uvex

uvex workwear not only exceeds the applicable EU directives but also meets the strictest criteria regarding environmental compatibility. Fundamentally, sustainability means added value for everyone involved. This means that uvex as a manufacturer, the wholesale purchaser and the employee who wears the workwear at a later point in time should all benefit from the product in a sustainable way.

Accordingly, when it comes to product development in particular, sustainable commitment is increasingly playing an important role. Based on these requirements, we developed fair workwear made from sustainable materials: Collection 26 and uvex suXXeed construction. We are proud to be able to call ourselves a sustainable company with this collection.

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Collection 26: Ecological clothing made from recycled polyester

For our environmentally friendly Collection 26, we used a proportion of sustainable materials in production: recycled polyester is an integral part of uvex workwear. The collection includes rain jackets, parkas, hats, sweaters, knitted sweaters, functional trousers and polo shirts. With an urban design, our clothing is ideal for work as well as free time and sports activities. The materials used are explored in more detail below.

Recycled polyester

Polyester is essential for many of the properties of our clothing range. It is a synthetic fibre originating from crude oil. Recycled polyester was developed to conserve our valuable oil stocks and reduce waste overall. Reprocessing PET bottles has advanced at a high level over the past few years so high-quality recycled yarns and materials can be produced. Thanks to this amazing development, we were able to use functional materials made from recycled polyester for our Collection 26 range. Recycled polyester has outstanding attributes, easy-care properties and ensure exceptional wearer comfort. By using the highest quality recycled fibres, the products’ thread quality, grip, colourability and colour brilliance are no different to those found in conventional polyester.

The material we use for our rain jackets is produced in a way that conserves resources: alongside the use of polyester fibres from PET bottles, the use of local raw materials significantly reduces energy consumption by ensuring short transportation distances, which effectively protects the environment. In addition, we produce our sustainable workwear completely self-sufficiently with regard to energy – our electricity requirements are completely fulfilled through the generation of solar energy.

As we will also increasingly focus on the recycling of worn and used uvex clothing in the future, we are putting measures in place today to ensure that each of our products will be made from a single material. In this way, we are establishing the foundation for further sustainable product developments.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Items of clothing with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label have been extensively tested for hazardous substances. As part of the testing process, the OEKO-TEX® Institute analyses every processed material and item of clothing for harmful substances based on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria. The criteria are regularly updated and broadened to include new scientific findings and laws. During the testing process, the focus is on ensuring that the individual substances of the respective item of clothing do not pose a health hazard to the wearer. The item of clothing only receives the STANDARD 100 label if every individual component does not contain any hazardous substances.

Tencel – the fibre of the future

During our search for sustainable materials, we stumbled across the fibre Lyocell – also known as ‘Tencel’. Tencel is already used in many sectors of the fashion industry. And now uvex is also striving to use Tencel for its sustainable workwear.

But what is so special about this fibre?

The fibre is primarily extracted from eucalyptus wood in addition to beech wood. This is particularly sustainable because cultivation areas in Asia can be used exclusively for eucalyptus trees. In contrast, cotton production takes areas that are actually needed for food cultivation. What’s more, the eucalyptus plant requires little maintenance: unlike cotton, eucalyptus does not need artificial irrigation and manages to grow without manure and chemical additives.

The results are clear to see: 6 m2 of eucalyptus produces enough Tencel to produce ten T-shirts – however, the same area of organic cotton produces just one T-shirt.

We are looking forward to seeing this sustainable discovery in action and to being able to use it in our workwear in the near future.


Is sustainability important to you too? With uvex and Collection 26 and uvex suXXeed construction, you can now show this with your sports and workwear! If you do not yet wear any sustainable clothing made of recycled polyester, then you can start now!

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