Ideally fitting glasses play an important role both in everyday life and at work. Glasses that slip are not only annoying but can be extremely dangerous in day-to-day working life. We explain what you need to consider when making sure that your safety spectacles fit you in the best way possible.

Glasses that pinch or slip at work – the underrated risks

Perfectly fitting safety spectacles play a critical role in your safety at work. Because if safety spectacles do not fit properly, safety cannot be fully guaranteed. If safety spectacles are too tight and thereby press onto the ear, the temple or the nerve behind the ear, this can become very painful over the long-term and cause the wearer to become less focused. While safety spectacles that are too tight will certainly protect your eyes from dust and small flying objects, you are putting yourself and your employees at risk in the long run as a result of excessive pressure being exerted onto the head. This is because glasses that pinch cause intense headaches that result in reduced vision and concentration. This slows down your reaction speed, whereby you may put yourself and your colleagues at risk when operating heavy machinery or working with dangerous chemicals.

Wearing safety spectacles that are too tight on a continuing basis can also result in longer-lasting damage. Granulomas can develop, for example – these are painful changes to the tissue in areas in which the glasses are too tight and excessively press down on the skin. In some cases, even intensive therapy cannot fully remove the granulomas.

A pair of glasses that slip do not constrain the wearer but pose lots of other risks. If safety spectacles sit too loosely and thereby leave an excessively large gap between the spectacles frame and skin, particles of dirt or small objects can enter and injure the eye. What’s more, a pair of safety spectacles that slip requires constant attention on the part of the wearer who has to keep straightening them or pushing them back up. If the lenses have slipped, this can also restrict your field of vision and thereby block important fields of view. In the worst case, safety spectacles completely slip off the nose and land on the floor or in a machine in which they can cause extensive damage. At the same time, your eyes are completely unprotected in such a situation.

With this in mind, you not only need to consider which safety spectacles are right for you but also whether they fit you properly. In the next section, we will explain how to make sure that your safety spectacles fit you perfectly.

The optimum fit for your safety spectacles

Properly fitting safety spectacles play an important role in ensuring the safety of your eyes. Reduce the risk of incurring an eye injury at work by observing our seven points to consider when trying on a new pair of safety spectacles:

  1. Make sure that you cannot feel any uncomfortable pressure points on the sides of your head and behind your ears.
  2. Does the nose piece sit comfortably on your nose without pinching?
  3. Can you comfortably see in all directions without any restrictions?
  4. Does the overall weight of the safety spectacles feel comfortable? The weight should be equally distributed between your ears and your nose and should not distract you from your task.
  5. Is the gap between the lens and your face smaller than 6 to 8 mm? The frame of your safety spectacles or lenses should fit closely on the face without touching the eyelashes.
  6. The soft areas around your eye should be covered by the frame/lenses (eyebrows, other soft areas).
  7. Do the safety spectacles sit securely on your head when you move it back and forth?
Point de vigilance pour l'ajustement de lunette de protection

If you observe the points mentioned above when choosing your safety spectacles, they are likely to fit you perfectly and not hinder you while you are working.

uvex offers the ideal safety spectacles to fit every head and facial shape for your field of work. Even if your head is particularly narrow, you will find perfectly fitting safety spectacles in our range. We will happily give you detailed information on our special models for narrow faces and will advise you personally to guarantee your desired wearer comfort.



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