With uvex, you are perfectly equipped for the cold season. In this blog, we will look at products from our PPE range that are ideal for work in icy temperatures and poor weather conditions. From the all-weather jacket and thermal quilted jacket from uvex metal to uvex ultravision safety spectacles and safety gloves from uvex unilite thermo.

Working in cold conditions: the risks of low temperatures

The winter season brings with it snow and icy temperatures that you need to protect yourself from if you are exposed to them every day while at work.

If your unprotected body is exposed to low temperatures for too long, you can not only catch serious colds but your motor skills can also become limited and in the worst case, frostbite can occur. Fingers and the face are most frequently affected in this case. In much the same way as burns, local frostbite injuries are classified into different grades depending on how deeply the frostbite penetrates the skin. Even though most frostbite injuries can easily be treated, frostbite is very painful and should always be avoided. If grade 3 or 4 frostbite occurs, it is often the case that the tissue can no longer be saved and is amputated accordingly. To avoid an extended period of non-productive time as well as any damage to your health, you should suitably protect your body.

Fortunately, uvex offers the ideal item of personal protective equipment for each part of your body so that you are effectively protected from the cold.

Workwear for the winter – protected from head to toe

uvex offers the ideal item of personal protective equipment for every temperature and field of work – including for icy temperatures, cold wind and snow.

Unrestricted peripheral vision in cold conditions: uvex ultravision with uvex supravision plus coating

When the wind blows icy cold, it is difficult to keep the eyes open – and if ice crystals then form on the eyelashes, a clear field of vision becomes almost impossible. However, when working in the winter season, it is essential that you have your activities in sight at all times and that your field of vision is not impaired. In view of this, wearing suitable safety spectacles is particularly important. Thanks to its innovative uvex supravision plus coating, uvex ultravision retains its anti-fog effect even at a temperature of -30°C and protects your eye area from icy wind at the same time. The practical anti-fogging effect is also unaffected by repeated cleaning.

uvex ultravision goggles

Jackets for the winter season

It goes without saying that a suitable jacket is an essential part of a winter-proof work outfit. uvex metal offers rugged winter jackets that are suitable for braving any type of weather and were developed for use in metalworking applications.

uvex metal 3-in-1 all-weather jacket

The functional jacket is a rain, winter and fleece jacket in one. You choose how you would like to wear the all-weather jacket depending on the temperature. On slightly warmer days, you can take out the integrated fleece jacket and either wear it separately or leave it out altogether. In the case of extremely low temperatures, the 3-in-1 all-weather jacket with hood keeps you wonderfully warm and protects your body, neck and head from cold conditions and icy wind. When not in use, the storm hood can be practically stowed in the collar.

The waterproof and windproof material is breathable. Adjustable air vents under the arms are guaranteed to stop you getting into a sweat. The side, chest and phone pockets offer enough room for small tools, devices and your company phone and can be securely closed.

More on the 3-in-1 all-weather jacket

In addition to the 3-in-1 all-weather jacket, the uvex metal collection offers a high-quality cotton jacket and a comfortable softshell jacket – each with a width-adjustable stand-up collar, colour-contrasting zips and innovative coating technology for optimum protection against flying sparks. These practical jackets also protect wearers against cold conditions and hot sparks.

Take a look at the softshell jacket for the winter season now

The new flight jacket for the winter: Parka uvex high visibility

In the winter, we not only have to deal with bad weather and low temperatures but with poor light conditions too. So that you are also seen during the night and on overcast days, uvex has developed a special jacket to ensure that you are visible and safe at all times. The Parka uvex high visibility not only protects against cold conditions but flames, heat and short circuit electric arcs as well. With a high cotton content, the parka is particularly soft and feels pleasant on the skin. The flame-retardant reflective stripes make you easy to see – even during the dark months of the year.

More information on the parka uvex high visibility

uvex unilite thermo – hand protection in the winter months

Our hands are particularly sensitive to cold temperatures – it is truly painful if the cold enters into the fingertips. Under these circumstances, performing detailed work is almost impossible. The coldness results in a loss of sensation in the fingers, making even imprecise hand movements difficult. So that you can perform precision work even in low temperatures, uvex has developed rugged hand protection for cold working conditions: uvex unilite thermo.

The dual-layer design consisting of acrylic and new wool makes the gloves comfortable to wear. With a durable coating, the safety gloves keep you warm even in extremely cold conditions and allow you to move your hands flexibly, ensuring a good sense of touch. uvex unilite thermo was specifically designed for heavy-duty applications in the fields of construction work, cold storage/warehouses, forklift operation as well as work in cold environments.

Get your uvex unilite thermo safety gloves now

Safety shoes for the winter season – uvex quatro pro

If the feet are warm, then the whole body is warm – at least that’s what people say. This may be true when wearing a pair of fluffy socks at home while relaxing in the living room, but a pair of conventional socks and shoes will not suffice when it comes to working in cold conditions. Along with the winter workwear already mentioned, the right safety shoes for the winter season will stop you from getting cold quickly: the uvex quatro pro zip-up winter boots.

The rugged safety boots feature a particularly soft midsole and a solid PUR outsole, guaranteeing a comfortable underfoot even when performing tough outdoor work in the construction sector. The entire shoe features cold insulation. Furthermore, the uvex climazone constantly maintains a comfortable climate in the safety shoe due to its breathable textile lining and the comfortable climatic insole with moisture transport system. Ensure secure footing and warm feet even in the winter months with the comfortable uvex quatro pro safety boots.

Find out more about safety shoes for the winter season now

Kit yourself and your staff out from head to toe with workwear ideal for the winter season so that work can be professionally carried out even in icy weather conditions. We will happily advise on other workwear for the winter season.

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