The development of safety shoes is today not only determined by the requirements of the areas of application, but also by technical innovations, ergonomic and medical aspects, fashion trends and sustainability issues. The new and already award-winning uvex 1 safety shoe series provides an integral response to these requirements.


Protection and ergonomics

Safety shoes are primarily intended to protect. This covers not only direct accident protection, but also the reduction of strains which impact on the wearer during work and may lead to fatigue or gradual physical impairment and falling productivity. The result is reduced concentration and an increasing risk of an accident. Ergonomic design and construction is therefore the key when it comes to improving wear comfort for safety shoes and contributing to prevention and health protection.


Ergonomische Sohlengestaltung und optimaler Schutz: uvex 1 – 8511 x-tended support
Ergonomic sole design and optimum protection: uvex 1 – 8511 x-tended support

uvex 1 safety shoes protect and support the natural movement of the human body. The pressure and stresses on the musculoskeletal system at work are reduced on the basis of the latest physiological research and innovative technology, optimising wearer comfort.

The ergonomic lightweight construction combined with the new leather-free uvex monoskin shaft design offers the perfect balance between protection and comfort. 100 g weight reduction compared to the light and successful bestseller uvex motion style takes the wear comfort of a safety shoe up yet another notch.

The uvex 1 multilayer shock absorption system based on an ergonomically designed, double-layered PU outsole and a comfort insole with optimum shock absorption in the heel and the front of the foot minimises stress on the musculoskeletal system and offers pure walking comfort. The energy absorption in the heel is twice that required by EN ISO 20345.


Fit and orthopaedic adjustment

Lasting wearer comfort based on a good fit and dynamic individual adjustability to the foot. The flexible uvex multiple-width system from width 10 to 14 offers an economical adjustment option for different foot widths. The elastic uvex IAS quick-locking system stabilises the foot securely, but still allows the necessary flexibility, as every foot swells up and then contracts again over the course of the day. The elastic uvex IAS quick-locking system stabilises the foot securely, but still allows the necessary flexibility, as every foot swells up and then contracts again over the course of the day. The light, non-metal, anatomically formed uvex xenova third generation toe cap guarantees space for the toes and prevents cold bridges. In addition, the entire uvex 1 series is available with orthopaedic adjustments certified in accordance with BGR 191 and ÖNORM Z 1259.


Breathability and climate comfort

The uvex climazone climate management ensures permanently lasting breathability due to the workmanship of highly breathable upper and lining materials combined with a removable climate comfort insole for optimum and lasting breathability. The upper material is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Excellent design

However, safety features and comfort are only two core components for optimum protection. Design is also important, as only safety shoes that look appealing will be worn and be able to fulfil their protective function in the case of an emergency. The uvex 1 safety shoe, which will be presented as a world innovation at this year’s A+A 2013 from 5 to 8 November, has already won international design awards.

In July of this year, the two models uvex 1 – 8543 and uvex 1 x-tended support – 8512 from the series received the renowned international Red Dot Design Award 2013. In October 2013, the same uvex 1 models received the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg, Focus Open 2013 in Silver.

uvex 1 x-tended support 8512 S1 SRC
uvex 1 x-tended support 8512 S1 SRC
uvex 1 8543 S1 SRC
uvex 1 8543 S1 SRC










Men’s and ladies models

The uvex 1 safety shoe range covers shoes, boots and sandals in various designs and colours in protection classes S1 SRC and S2 SRC in sizes from 35 to 52. Attractive ladies models are produced on an extra ladies production line. The uvex 1 safety shoes meet the ESD requirements and are free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers.



The new uvex 1 safety shoe series combines ergonomics, comfort, design and sustainability in one innovative product concept.

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