As an innovative brand system provider with manufacturing expertise, we aim to offer our customers the optimum products for all manner of work requirements. Our uvex safety eyewear, with maximum wearer comfort, 100% UV 400 protection and unique coating technology, help us to achieve this goal. At our headquarters in the Franconian town of Fürth, we manufacture products in the competence field of eye protection, from the plastic frame to the coated lens. The correct coating is essential in order to provide safety eyewear suitable for virtually any application.

With our own fundamental research division, ideas are implemented and projects are realised in the area of coatings. Mechanical, optical and functional properties are continuously scrutinised in our own testing laboratory. With more than 85 years of experience in occupational safety, we know what it takes and offer our customers two coating methods for optimum wear features.

uvex optidur coated lenses have the same properties on both sides of the lens. The uvex optidur NCH coating provides extreme scratch resistance and resistance to chemicals on both sides and particularly good cleaning qualities, making it ideal for dusty and robust working environments.

The coating technologies developed in house are our corce competence

The highlight and core competence in the field of eye protection is the innovative supravision technology. This enables us to coat a lens so that it is scratch-resistant on the outside and non-fogging on the inside. The outside of the lens is also resistant to chemicals and very easy to clean and therefore has an extremely long lifespan.  On the inside, the duration of the anti-fogging markedly exceeds the standard requirement of 8 seconds. uvex supravision HC-AF offers wearers fog-free vision for twice as long as the norm, while the anti-fog performance of supravision is even three times greater than that required by the standard. They are particularly suited to working environments where eyewear suddenly mists up and has to be cleaned frequently. Compared with many competing models on the market, our uvex coatings are permanent and do not wash off, even when cleaned repeatedly. Customers therefore have durable, functional and perfectly fitting safety eyewear.  For work areas with extremely high air humidity and persistent exposure to condensation, a special anti-fog coating has been developed that gives wearers lasting mist-free vision. Supravision extreme coated lenses are also scratch-resistant on the outside and offer an anti-fog performance on the inside, which does not become saturated, so never steams up. The super fit ETC model, which has been specially developed for environments with changing temperatures and has an extreme coating on both sides, offers the perfect solution. To protect our eyes from optical hazards due to infra-red radiation, we offer a special infradur coating, which protects against infra-red radiation and ultraviolet light as well as minimising welding spark damage. The new infradur AF coating also offers an anti-fogging effect on the inside, which protects wearers from condensation when working.

High-tech environment at our production site in Fürth

uvex supravision coating for optimum anti-fogging protection on the inside and scratch resistance on the outside

Innovation made in Germany

To coincide with this year’s A+A trade fair in Dusseldorf, we shall be presenting a new coating technology: uvex supravision CR.
This is an innovative coating with anti-fogging protection for the new uvex CR models that has been specially designed for multiple sterilisation in autoclaves.

Experience the benefits of our coating expertise and inform yourself about other interesting topics in the field of eye protection. You are also welcome to visit our headquarters and see the unique eye protection competence centre for yourself.

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