Wearing the right personal protective equipment at work is essential in an industrial environment. But which PPE is right for your workplace? Because it’s our experts who are best placed to answer this question, uvex has developed a special kind of information system. Using one of these practical expert systems, it’s easy to determine what kind of personal protective equipment you need for hand and respiratory protection or for the rest of your body. In this blog article, we explain how these systems work.

The definition of an expert system

As the name suggests, an expert system is a programme designed by experts. This computer programme or online tool focuses on one specific subject and includes all the relevant information for this subject. It’s used to find solutions, because it includes all possible problems and challenges that the relevant subject involves. The expert system uses if-then relationships to present the information and offer recommended actions. This type of expert advice is a great alternative to personal advice and can be accessed online anywhere and at any time on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


uvex Chemical Expert System

Working with hazardous chemicals may lead to irreversible damage or involve lethal risks. The selection of suitable Category 3 PPE is therefore extremely important. Choosing the right chemical safety gloves requires in-depth expert advice. uvex has developed the Chemical Expert System (CES) to enable us to provide you with this advice anywhere and at any time.

The CES is an online-based expert system that supports you in analysing and optimising glove solutions for your workplace. It helps you find the right protection solution for handling the specific chemicals used in your company.

The uvex Chemical Expert System is divided into two sections:

  • Chemicals database
  • Glove plan designer

The chemicals database

A large part of the uvex Chemical Expert System is taken up by the chemicals database, which includes an extensive selection of safety gloves suitable for handling hazardous substances. The safety gloves are matched to the corresponding hazardous substances with the help of permeation lists. You can view up to 3,000 different chemicals and determine the appropriate chemical safety gloves required to handle them.

To access the full chemicals database, registration is required. Following registration, you will be able to use practical functions such as the creation and saving of individual permeation lists as well as various search functions. You’ll also be able to add suitable uvex chemical safety gloves to your personal permeation lists.

The glove plan designer

The glove plan designer can be used to create simple plans for the wearing of safety gloves in your company. These practical plans support precise documentation, which guarantees a high standard of safety within the company. The glove plan designer gives you plenty of options for customising your personal plan. For example, users can incorporate their company logo into the glove plan and assign product-specific material numbers and notes to the individual products.

In addition, you can customise the work-specific information and change it yourself. When the glove plan is complete, it can be generated as a PDF document and printed, forwarded or saved as required. A new PDF document can also be generated in the event of subsequent changes, which can be made online by the user at any time.


The uvex Chemical Expert System is available in 6 languages. Register now for the uvex Chemical Expert System and use our expert knowledge to help you find the right safety gloves for handling chemicals in your workplace. Would you like to determine what kind of full-body personal protective equipment you need with the help of an expert system? Find out what the uvex Safety Expert System can do for you.

Detailed advice for your full-body personal protective equipment

With the help of our uvex Safety Expert System, you can achieve better safety, efficiency and acceptance for your personal protective equipment in just 6 steps.

Step 1: Safety expert analysis

Together with our experts, you analyse your workplace for hazard sources and safety gaps. A list is drawn up on the basis of the results and used to determine the necessary PPE.

Step 2: Product definition

The hazard analysis is used to identify all the products that the expert considers necessary for a safe working environment. Each part and area of the body is examined in detail to determine whether protective equipment is required and, if so, what its minimum safety level should be.

Step 3: Wear test management

After all necessary safety products have been identified, employees have the opportunity to thoroughly test the selected PPE in their working environment. Mobility, comfort and sufficient protection all play important roles here.

Step 4: Profitability analysis

In the profitability analysis, the costs of the personal protective equipment are examined and tested for relevance and benefit. Because the PPE is intended to be used as a necessary protective measure. If this protection is not needed to the extent defined, it must be decided whether it should actually be used.

Step 5: Product range plan

uvex offers an extensive range of products for many types of protective equipment. This step therefore defines the breadth and depth of the range. With regard to the range of products, it’s necessary to decide how many different types of protective equipment are to be used in the company. Depth, on the other hand, is about the different models of the individual products. The result is a product range plan that has been created individually for each workplace.

Step 6: Approval and implementation

In the last step, the managers must approve the product range plan and the costs. As soon as this has been done, you and your employees will be provided with the necessary personal protective equipment and be able to carry out your work safely.

You too can benefit from our experts’ detailed advice. Contact our team of experts now!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The right PPE for every workplace
  • Improved PPE wearer acceptance
  • Increased awareness of safety in the workplace
  • Fewer accidents and less downtime
  • Optimised process costs

=> More security and efficiency within the company

In addition to our two expert systems for choosing the right chemical protective gloves and personal protective equipment, we also offer the uvex Respiratory Expert System (URES) for respiratory protection. This expert system provides you with interesting basic knowledge, practical tips and important legal framework conditions for the use of respirators. URES helps you find the right respiratory protection product for your workplace. Register now for the uvex Respiratory Expert System and benefit from our invaluable expert knowledge. To find out more about the benefits of our expert respiratory protection system, please visit our website.

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