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A sterile workplace and sterile PPE are indispensable in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals – especially during a pandemic, a sterile working environment is all the more important and vital. We put our trust in the most reliable sterilisation process: the autoclave. In this blog post, we will introduce you to this process and present the first autoclavable uvex safety spectacles — uvex CR.

What is CR eyewear?

Spectacles have been made from a wide variety of materials over the centuries. In 1939, spectacles made of organic material were developed for the first time in Columbia – hence the name of the plastic: “Columbia resin”, which is now abbreviated to CR. In contrast to glass spectacles, plastic glasses are much lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear. In addition, they are less breakable and can be produced in a variety of colours. CR spectacles tick all the boxes. However, like glass, plastic is not sterile by design and is susceptible to fogging. In the next few paragraphs, we will explain what is so special about the uvex CR.

What is autoclaving?

Autoclaving is a steam sterilisation process, which is considered the safest method of sterilisation, as it also involves gamma rays and chemical sterilisation among other things. To autoclave an item, you need a piece of equipment known as an autoclave. An autoclave is a pressure container that is gas-tight and is used for thermal treatment – comparable to a pressure cooker. Temperatures in the autoclave range from 110°C to 140°C and pressure is increased. The item inside may not be 100% sterilised, but proliferative micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores etc. are killed and thus the best possible sterility is achieved. This type of sterilisation is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, medical practices and hospitals.

Our uvex CR spectacles can be sterilised in laboratory autoclaves up to 20 times for 20 minutes at 121°C. After that, we recommend replacing the safety spectacles — for the uvex ultrasonic CR goggles, a change of lens is sufficient initially.

Anti-fog safety spectacles

Whether for a complicated operation in the operating theatre or when working in pharmaceutical production: Employees must be able to rely 100% on their protective equipment at all times. uvex CR spectacles are specially designed for the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Their special anti-fog coating guarantees perfect vision even under severe physical stress and in extremely warm and humid conditions.

In addition, the autoclavable uvex CR safety spectacles meet and even exceed all safety standards according to EN 166.

In some work areas, it is not just the user that must be protected, but also the product. In clean room production, even a single dust particle can damage sensitive components. The uvex CR spectacles are perfect for such applications, as well as for the food production industry. Thanks to the innovative anti-fog coating and the duo component technology for maximum wearer comfort, uvex CR spectacles are the optimal PPE for research and development. They feature a modern and sporty design, in addition to sophisticated functionality and optimum wearer comfort.

uvex CR eyewear — autoclavable with anti-fog coating

The uvex CR models comply with optical quality class 1 as well as all safety standards according to EN 166. In addition, the material of the CR glasses is allergy- and pollutant-free — “made in Germany”.

Discover our autoclavable uvex CR collection:

uvex ultrasonic CR

Weighing 98 grams, these goggles are particularly lightweight. With their anti-fog lens that has a wide panoramic view, you always benefit from optimal visibility.

  • Superior wearer comfort thanks to duo component technology and adjustable headband.
  • Indirect ventilation ensures a pleasant and irritation-free climate.
  • Can be worn over other spectacles.
  • World’s first autoclavable glasses with anti-fog effect.
  • Can be combined with respirator masks.
Go to uvex ultrasonic CR

uvex super fit CR

The extremely lightweight autoclavable spectacles feature ultra-thin, scratch-resistant lenses that provide the best protection against mechanical risks.

  • Clear vision even at high humidities and fluctuating temperatures
  • Wide panoramic field of vision
Discover the uvex super fit CR now

uvex super f OTG CR

The autoclavable safety spectacles with innovative lens technology ensure a totally fog-free, maximum view thanks to their wide panoramic field of vision. Thanks to the highly flexible, soft ear-pieces, the safety spectacles adapt perfectly to your head shape and ensure a comfortable fit without pressure points, even when worn for longer periods. The safety spectacles are also ideal for spectacle wearers.

More about the uvex super f OTG CR

Make sure you have sterile eye protection in every situation. We are happy to advise you in detail on our uvex CR product innovation — contact us or leave us a comment.

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