Did you know that your neck has to support a weight of four to five kilos, even when your head is in a normal position? The more you tilt your head, the greater the strain on your neck. Performing manual tasks puts particular strain on the upper spine, so the main focus of the development stage for our uvex pheos face protection system was relieving such strain on the upper spine and neck.      

The human neck consists of seven vertebrae and is responsible for performing several vital tasks, for example supporting the head and providing a huge amount of mobility. It is also helps to supply the brain with blood and protects the spinal cord — an important component of our central nervous system. Poor posture for extended periods of time or excessive strains on the neck can cause tension and pain, and can even result in a slipped disc.

Perfectly adapted to the human anatomy

When developing the uvex pheos face protection system, we had one overriding aim: maximum protection with minimum strain. Firstly, by connecting the protective visor to an ergonomic head strap, we eliminated the need for the heavy helmet that usually serves as a visor mount. We also perfectly adapted the uvex pheos faceguard to the human anatomy. The face protection system has been designed to evenly distribute the weight across the body’s centre of gravity. The low weight and ergonomic centre of gravity supports a natural head posture, minimising strain on the neck and back.

Maximum mobility — no restrictions

The large visor offers a wide field of vision, which promotes keeping the neck in a natural posture. The ergonomic design ensures maximum mobility in any situation, while the wide neck piece guarantees a secure and comfortable fit on the wearer’s head. Individual height adjustment means the system can be adjusted to perfectly fit the wearer.

Compared with other face protection systems, the uvex pheos faceguard is lighter, better ventilated and more comfortable to wear. The visor even fits comfortably over spectacles.

Ergonomic protective equipment for increased safety

The uvex pheos faceguard perfectly demonstrates just what is expected of modern occupational safety equipment: reliable protection without restricting or putting strain on the wearer. Ultimately, it should be as simple—and comfortable—as slipping on a shirt or work jacket in the morning. This is an essential factor in ensuring not only that personal protective equipment is worn, but also that it reliably protects the wearer during everyday tasks.

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