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We all know that every job has its tough side, but there are jobs that are much tougher than we could ever imagine, where people take on the greatest risks and overcome all dangers with passion and courage. As passion and courage alone are not protection enough, uvex safety provides that added extra for everyday work. “Everyday” is not really the right word for this kind of job.

The word “Siberia” is immediately associated with snow storms and icy coldness, but not necessarily with people there producing huge quantities of crude oil round the clock under these extreme conditions.

Anyone looking for the toughest job in the world will find it in Siberia. One of the biggest risks in this kind of work is that oil will spurt out of a well and anyone operating the machinery, which is still under enormous pressure, might be hit by the escaping oil. Work on steam generators is also a constant source of danger as, time and time again, the high pressure involves dealing with emissions of scalding hot steam, contamination from burning oil and the uncontrolled discharge of sand. And, as if that was not enough, workers often have to carry out their tasks in the snow at temperatures as low as -50 degrees. uvex safety eyewear with a special anti-fogging coating noticeably minimises the risks for wearers. Unfortunately, uvex cannot change the weather.

How extreme is your job?

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