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We all know that every job has its tough side, but there are jobs that are much tougher than we could ever imagine, where people take on the greatest risks and overcome all dangers with passion and courage. As passion and courage alone are not protection enough, uvex safety provides that added extra for everyday work. “Everyday” is not really the right word for this kind of job.

There could scarcely be a tougher job: in South Africa’s underground mining industry, thousands of miners work long shifts each day of up to 12 hours. It is an absolutely extreme situation where man and materials are repeatedly pushed to their limits.

Working in constant darkness, where the sudden artificial tunnel lighting or a torch on someone’s helmet creates glaring dazzling light. Permanent exposure to dust that puts a strain on lungs and airways as well as immense levels of noise, which are multiplied by the narrow shafts. Extreme climatic conditions with high temperatures and oppressive humidity; tunnels in which movement is sometimes only possible in a crouched position or even by sliding along on your stomach.  Strong infrared radiation from welding work, not to mention the incalculable risks of falling debris and stones.

Without appropriate protection, such as the skyguard safety eyewear, the whisper noise protection and the silv-Air Classic FFP2v breathing protection masks from uvex, work under these conditions would scarcely be possible.

Day in and day out, South Africa’s miners do a job that is unparalleled. This deserves not only our respect, but also our maximum protection.

How extreme is your job?

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