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Technology uvex protective clothing

Stretch zones

Strategically positioned stretch zones increase freedom of movement as well as improving wearer comfort. The integrated stretching materials are of high quality and maintain their shape.


The balanced combination of materials (50% cotton, 49% polyester/1% antistatic fibres) ensures a robustly flame retardant fabric with outstanding wearer comfort, easy-care and durability properties. 


uvex banox+ is a flame retardant protective fabric made from 100% cotton which ensures excellent protection even after multiple washes and extended periods of use. The material is extremely comfortable.

Dirt-repellent equipment

Penetration of dirt into the fibre is reduced and washing-out is made easier. This results in long-lasting protection ande to optimum visibility.


Textiles tested according to the criteria for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantee that no substance is present which might be harmful to human health. Only products who comply with the very stringent requirements and who are constantly tested are awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate.