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Technology uvex workwear

Recycled Polyester

Reprocessing PET bottles has developed at a high level over the past few years. This enables the production of functional materials made from recycled polyester, which have outstanding attributes and impress with their exceptional wearer comfort and easy-care properties. By using the highest quality recycled fibres, the products' thread quality, handfeel , colourability and colour sheen are no different to those found in oil-based polyester.

Organic Cotton

As opposed to traditional cotton, organically produced cotton mostly uses old varieties of plant which need less intensive watering. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers is prohibited.

 Our organic cotton products fulfil the requirements set by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): at least 95% of the cotton used is produced under controlled organic conditions.

Functional jacket material

  • Double face technology
  • Bi-elastic (approx. 30% transverse stretching of 25N)
  • Finish (hydrophobic/hydrophilic)
  • Material resilience of 99%
  • Abrasion-resistant due to high polyamide content 

Techno Plissee

Techno Plissee increases the material’s flexibility and allows it to stretch approximately four times as much as the base material.


This innovative finish incorporates two different properties in one material: a hydrophilic inside and a hydrophobic outside.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Effective moisture transfer from interior to exterior
  • Keeps the body pleasantly warm and dry
  • Effective protection from external moisture and dirt
  • Washable


Antimicrobially finishsilver ions prevent the multiplication of bacteria on the fabric – ensuring highly effective management of hygiene and freshness.

  • Long-lasting feeling of freshness
  • 95% effectiveness within the first two hours
  • Supports the natural balance of skin flora
  • Washable