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uvex carbonvision 9307 safety goggles

The intelligent use of ultra modern materials and manufacturing technologies enables uvex to design frames which combine reduced size/volume and high mechanical resistance. uvex carbonvision 9307 safety goggles provides the wearer with unparalled comfort levels despite the very high level of mechanical stability. The TPU layer is permanently fixed to the frame, ensuring a perfect individual fit and it’s easy to clean and maintain. The uvex carbonvision 9307 safety goggles, weighing just 46 gr is undoubtedly one of the lightest wide-vision safety goggles on the market, enabling the wearer to work for longer periods without the distractions and problems caused by discomfort, thereby increasing his or her productivity.

Benefits overview

  • Low profile, wraparound design with innovative frame, strap and material development for a significantly lighter weight goggle
  • High tech materials combine hard and soft components which adapt to wearer’s face creating soft, effective seal around the eyes
  • Soft seal protects against dust, splashes and mechanical hazards
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning due to detachable frame and lens concept
  • Adjustable high quality strap for individual and pressure-free fit
  • uvex permanent supravision extreme lens coating offers excellent anti-fog performance preventing goggles from steaming up
  • Compatible with other items of PEE such as masks, hearing protection or helmets
  • Also available with neoprene headband and detectable
Coating and features
uvex supravision extreme
Lenses coated with uvex supravision extreme are scratch resistant on the...
uvex supravision extreme
Lenses coated with uvex supravision extreme are scratch resistant on the outside and have permanent anti-fog on the inside. The lenses cannot steam up because the coating never reaches a point of saturation. Particularly suitable for workplace environments with high air humidity and long-lasting exposure to condensation.