From working with dangerous tools and machinery to toppling trees, falling foliage and snapping trunks and branches, forestry workers are exposed to many hazards over the course of a day in the woods – so it’s particularly important that these workers wear the right kinds of protection. In this blog article, we present our latest innovations and explain how this equipment helps to protect you against specific hazards.

The safety helmet with visor and hearing protection: uvex pheos forestry

With the needs of forestry workers in mind, we’ve developed a safe and reliable complete set to provide protection against the hazards encountered in forest settings: The uvex pheos forestry set. Inspired by the uvex pheos industrial safety helmet, the forestry worker set comes with a number of special features designed to minimise the risks associated with working in the forest.

The complete set is comprised of

Each individual component fulfils a specific purpose and is an essential part of your forestry kit.

Kit forestier

uvex safety helmet

The head is the most important part of the body because it contains the brain, which is critical to survival. Your head is protected by a strong skullcap that can withstand heavy impacts. However, if your skull is exposed to major trauma, it can crack, resulting in severe damage to your health.

When felling trees, forestry workers are exposed to extremely high levels of risk from falling branches and toppling trees – so strong head protection is crucial. The uvex pheos forestry helmet satisfies the requirements of the EN 397 standard and protects the wearer against falling objects. The helmet resists side deformation, even when exposed to impacts, which protects workers against dangerous head injuries. The forestry worker set was designed for use at temperatures down to -30°C.

Safety helmet with visor

The eyes are our most important sensory organ; humans take in more than 80% of environmental stimuli with their eyes. When felling trees and chopping up branches and foliage, chips and small branches can fly into the air. If large pieces of this material or even the tip of a branch hits a worker in the eye, their vision may be irreparably damaged. This is why protecting the eyes is so important in forestry work.

The uvex pheos forestry helmet was designed with a fully integrated metal mesh visor with a high level of translucency to ensure that the forestry worker can still see clearly while also being protected against foreign objects. Thanks to the perfectly designed resting position, the wearer’s vision is not restricted even with the visor open. The unique resting position also means that the visor is fitted close to the helmet, in a balanced position that protects the neck muscles against unnecessary strain.

Kit forestier uvex

Safety helmet with hearing protection

Our ears not only enable us to hear sounds and noises, but also help us to keep our balance. Noise in excess of 85 dB can damage human hearing. Depending on the model, a chainsaw can emit between 85 dB and 115 dB of noise – so regularly using this kind of loud equipment in a forestry setting can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

With this in mind, adequate hearing protection is an essential component of the uvex pheos forestry set: The high-performance hearing protectors with an attenuation value of 30 dB significantly reduce environmental noise. When using a chainsaw, for example, only 70 dB of the 100 dB of emitted noise actually make it into the ear canal, reducing noise to a level that presents no risk to your hearing, even after eight hours of exposure.

The hearing protectors are also placed close to the helmet when not in use thanks to their unique resting position, ensuring that the wearer doesn’t bump against anything or get tangled in branches. The resting position is also designed for wearer comfort and optimum freedom of movement.

Safety helmet with chin strap and signal whistle

Alongside the components already mentioned, the uvex pheos forestry set comes with two other useful extras: A four-point chin strap and a signal whistle.

The practical chin strap ensures that the forestry worker set remains secure; even when working on complex climbing tasks at heights, the safety helmet remains in place to provide comprehensive protection to the wearer.

In forestry work, it is easy to lose sight of colleagues. If an accident were to happen just when a worker is out of sight, they could find themselves in a life-threatening situation in a very dangerous working environment. The uvex forestry worker safety helmet is equipped with a signal whistle for these kinds of scenarios. The continuous warning signal is emitted at two frequencies and is significantly louder than the human voice. This ensures that colleagues will receive the rescue signal even if they are far away, enabling them to take steps to assist a worker in distress.

Are you a forestry worker looking for the right kind of protective clothing? Then choose the uvex pheos forestry set in your favourite colour for yourself and your employees:

uvex pheos forestry yellowuvex pheos forestry reduvex pheos forestry orange

Tell us about your experiences in forestry work and the hazards you encounter in the comments – we look forward to hearing your stories!

In our video format “x-showcase” we show you how to use the uvex pheos forestry correctly and its innovative features.

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