Their lives are filled with adventure, DIY, crafts and building, but also saving the day. They rise to the challenge and are always totally committed. Aside from the inherent risks they face professionally, these everyday heroes open themselves up to other dangers away from their jobs, which should not be underestimated. That they remain relaxed and focused as they achieve excellent results is down to their exceptional equipment. They place their trust in uvex safety products. Our real life stories allow others to share personal experiences with their favourite uvex products.

Passionate climber Paul G. talks about protecting himself from dangers.

uvex: Could you please briefly describe the hobby/leisure activity in which you use uvex personal protective equipment.

PG: In my spare time, I most like to be outdoors. I use uvex products when I am cycling or in the mountains, where I can enjoy many different activities. In winter I often go on ski tours, while I love to go hiking in the summer. When possible, I also like to go along a fixed-rope or via ferrata climbing trail, and I sometimes tackle an easier climbing wall up a rock face.

uvex: Which dangers and challenges do you encounter?

PG: There are many hazards when climbing and hiking. There is always a risk of falling, or of rockslides, while more difficult, overhanging terrain increases the danger of colliding into rock faces. Of course, the weather also plays a major role and it is very important up keep an eye on that. Reliable safety equipment is absolutely essential, as is having a climbing partner on whom you can depend.

uvex: How are you protected when engaging in your hobby?

PG: Alongside the standard planning for a tour, such as determining the route and checking the weather forecast, it is important to have the right equipment, including a harness, climbing ropes, different carabiners, hexes and a climbing helmet.

uvex: Which uvex products do you wear for protection?

PG: My climbing helmet is uvex pheos alpine.

uvex: Has using uvex products changed the way you practice your hobby/leisure activity?

PG: I feel so much safer now that I have replaced my old helmet, which was looking rather worse for wear. The uvex helmet is also extremely comfortable and considerably lighter than my previous helmet. This really helps reduce strain on the neck, especially when climbing where you have to look up quite a lot.

uvex: Do you have any photos of yourself in action, which we can put on our Facebook page?

PG: Yes, these pictures show me training in the climbing garden at Bad Heilbrunn with my son.

Paul G. and his son are a glowing example of how to climb, not forgetting their safety as they have fun and seek a little adrenaline rush. We thank Paul G. and his son, Benedikt, for talking to us and sharing their wonderful pictures. We hope they enjoy many more safe mountain tours in Germany.

Here are some pictures:

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