Their lives are filled with adventure, DIY, crafts and building, but also saving the day. They rise to the challenge and are always totally committed. Aside from the inherent risks they face professionally, these everyday heroes open themselves up to other dangers away from their jobs, which should not be underestimated. That they remain relaxed and focused as they achieve excellent results is down to their exceptional equipment. They place their trust in uvex safety products. Our real life stories allow others to share personal experiences with their favourite uvex products.

To the untrained eye, it may seem that fly fishing just involves standing in water trying to catch fish, which may then later be served for dinner. However, for anglers it is not just the fishing itself which is their main focus. Anglers often have a strong affinity with nature and treat it with great respect, apart from also bringing them enjoyment as they discover the many new fascinating things it has to offer.
Our colleague Jürg F. from Switzerland is among them and this year embarked on a fly fishing expedition to Alaska with some of his angler friends. He talked to uvex about his experience and the role that uvex products played on his trip.

uvex: Could you please briefly describe the hobby/leisure activity in which you use uvex personal protective equipment?

JF: I am passionate about fly fishing and also help and support our club’s fish farming programme, which breeds and rears fish stocks for the region. This work has enabled me to try out a range of different products. The eagerly awaited trip to Alaska for salmon fishing was the perfect opportunity to test uvex all-weather clothing, gloves, hearing protection and above all the new uvex Polavision safety eyewear.

uvex: Which dangers and challenges do you encounter?

JF: In the fish farm I am faced with virtually all common dangers, including noise pollution from lawn mowers and brush cutters, cleaning products for the pools that can irritate the skin and handling heavy grates that can fall on the feet, to name but a few. The greatest danger when fly fishing is being hit in the face or even eye by a hook.

uvex: Which uvex products do you wear for protection?

JF: Various different hearing safety products protect me and my fellow club members from noise pollution, but the exceptional wearer comfort of my customised uvex high-fit flex earplugs particularly stands out for me
The uvex rubiflex S XG safety gloves are brilliant for pool cleaning, as they are comfortable, robust and provide excellent grip even when wet. For my feet, I find that the MACTREK GTX safety boots from Heckel are best. The GORE-TEX® membrane keeps my feet nice and dry, while the HPC toecap is great, especially in winter as they keep the cold out. I really feel the benefit of these features when I am dealing with water at sub-zero temperatures.
I am also pleased I get to wear our “own” uvex Polavision 9231 when fly fishing.
These protect my eyes excellently and the special coating prevents glare off the surface of the water so I find it easier to spot the fish.

However, even uvex does not protect against the dangerous “Alaska bug” which anglers quite often catch. ?

uvex: Has using uvex products changed the way you practice your hobby/leisure activity?

JF: I have always worn protective equipment for my hobby, but other products just aren’t the same. This also allowed me to personally experience the comfort and stability of our products for myself. My feet were neither too hot nor too cold and I don’t need to worry about injuring my eyes.
I can fully concentrate on my hobby, safe in the knowledge that I am protected by uvex products.

We thank Jürg F. for talking to us and are pleased that uvex’s products were up to the task in Alaska.

Please visit the gallery to not only see pictures of uvex products, but also stunning photographs of the wildlife and landscape in Alaska.

uvex is delighted that its industrial health and safety products are used in the private domain as well as professional working life. However, we are of course not able to ensure that the right products are used privately for the respective activity. uvex therefore does not accept any liability for the correct and appropriate application of products and their condition, nor can it be held liable for non-uvex products.

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