The first rays of sun are emerging and the night frosts are behind us: spring is here. As the temperatures rise, the spring cleaning and work in the garden can begin in earnest. Whether it’s a private garden or professional gardening and landscaping, health and safety should play a key role in any gardening task. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the necessary protective clothing for spring cleaning and gardening and explore gardening risk assessments in more detail.

Spring cleaning

As soon as those first rays of sun shine through the home, the dust and dirt in every corner becomes all-too visible. And yet spring also brings the motivation we need to kick start our spring cleaning.

Why is spring the ideal time for spring cleaning? After spending winter munching cookies on the couch, spring is the time to get moving again. What’s more, no one wants to scrub the home in the sizzling heat of summer. Spring is characterised by pleasant temperatures for getting on top of strenuous cleaning work without breaking out into a sweat.

If your last spring clean is some distance behind you and you need some serious cleaners to tackle that stubborn dirt, you should protect your skin from the caustic cleaning agents. Our uvex rubiflex XG chemical protection glove with long gauntlet is ideal for this. Alternatively, you could opt for our breathable all-round hand protection for your dirty work: uvex phynomic XG. Then your hands won’t get dry or cracked, even after the spring clean.


But what does the spring clean actually entail? We’ve put together a little checklist for you.

Spring cleaning checklist

  • Bring some order to your home – anything that’s no longer needed can go!
  • Clear out, clean and rearrange your cupboards
  • Clean the windows
  • Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer compartment
  • Descale the coffee machine and kettle
  • Deep-clean the oven
  • Clean the bathroom from top to bottom – including the wall tiles
  • Clean the doors and door frames
  • Shake out rugs and clean if necessary
  • Finally, vacuum and wipe all the floors

Once the house is gleaming again, you can get to work on the garden.

Gardening risk assessment

There are many dangers lurking in the garden due to poisonous plants, machinery and uneven ground. An employer needs to carry out a risk assessment in advance to identify these risks and avoid accidents. This gardening risk assessment can be used to determine the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for your gardening and landscaping tasks.

It involves employees, medical officers, managers and safety representatives undertaking a thorough inspection of the working environment for potential hazards. The gardening risk assessment checklist can be used to check and assess points such as the following:

  • Appraisal:
    • The company’s internal health and safety organisation
    • First-aid provisions
    • Working alone and rescue chain
    • Age limit conditions
    • Body protection (PPE)
    • Safety supervision and occupational medical care
  • Determining the need for advice on occupational medicine:
    • Skin exposures
    • Airway exposures
    • Physical exposures
    • Noise
    • Infections
    • Asbestos
  • Risk assessment of physical structure
    • General (electrical system, fall protection, steps, traffic routes, doors and gates)
    • Administration (office space)
    • Social space (break rooms and wash rooms)
    • Store
    • Workshop
    • Greenhouse
  • Risk assessment for working procedures:
    • General health and safety regulations
    • Garden maintenance (organisation, pruning, hedge trimming, mowing)
    • Tree work
    • Gardening and landscaping (stone work, earth work, roof work)
    • Planting work
    • Production gardening (tree nurseries, vegetable cultivation, fruit cultivation, flowers, glass work)
    • Harmful substances
    • Demolition work
  • Risk assessment for machinery and equipment

Many of these risks are of course also present in private gardens. Even the weekly lawn mowing, hedge cutting or wood chopping requires you to protect your ears, eyes and feet. In the next section, we will explain which uvex protective clothing is ideal for when you’re working in the garden.

Protective clothing for gardening

In spring we are lured into the garden by pleasant temperatures and sunshine so we can whip it back into shape – weeding, cutting trees and renovating the greenhouse. But most of us are unaware of the dangers to which we expose ourselves in doing so. Gardening is often done in T-shirt, shorts and flip flops, but it is nothing like going for a walk on the beach. The lawn mower and hedge cutters must be handled with extreme caution and you need to make sure that your body is sufficiently protected when using gardening equipment.


Depending on the model, a lawn mower can make quite a lot of noise. If you are exposed to this noise on a weekly basis, you can permanently damage your hearing. That’s why you should always wear hearing protection when operating loud gardening equipment. Our uvex K1 and uvex K2 earmuffs are ideal for protecting your ears in the garden. Do your kids like helping out in the garden? The colourful uvex K Junior earmuffs are also perfect for protecting children’s ears – and may even entice your kids away from their screens and out into nature.

As well as bringing a little colour to your garden, our green uvex 2 xenova and colourful uvex 1 sport safety shoes are perfect for protecting your feet against falling branches and ensuring level footing while gardening.


Chips, small branches or pieces of wood can fall when cutting hedges or chopping firewood. These can be projected by gardening equipment and injure your eyes. The colourful RX cd 5520 prescription safety spectacles available in blue may even lure a couch potato or two into the garden.

Slightly tinted safety spectacles can also make gardening a little easier. The uvex sportstyle with CBR65 spectacles are scratch-resistant and ensure optimum vision. The CBR65 tint enhances contrast to ensure comfortable vision.


Are you fired up? Then get yourself properly equipped for your spring cleaning and gardening work today. And say goodbye to the grey everyday and bring some colour into your garden at home and into gardening and landscaping work with our colourful uvex protective clothing. We are happy to provide you with detailed advice about health and safety when gardening.

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