Their lives are filled with adventure, DIY, crafts and building, but also saving the day. They rise to the challenge and are always totally committed. Aside from the inherent risks they face professionally, these everyday heroes open themselves up to other dangers away from their jobs, which should not be underestimated. That they remain relaxed and focused as they achieve excellent results is down to their exceptional equipment. They place their trust in uvex safety products. Our real life stories allow others to share personal experiences with their favourite uvex products.

Sebastian S. from Upper Franconia is a policeman by profession, but in his spare time, he and his father go into the forest to collect firewood. In the interview below he tells us more about using uvex products:

uvex: Could you please briefly describe the hobby/leisure activity in which you use uvex personal protective equipment.

SeS: My father and I primarily use uvex products in the forest and in the garden. We above all prepare firewood for the winter and carry out gamekeeping in the hunting area.

uvex: Which dangers and challenges do you encounter?

SeS: First and foremost, there is of course a risk of injuring my hands by scratching them on thorns, bushes and branches. Noise exposure is the big issue when using a chainsaw, as well as the danger of being hit by bits of wood and branches flying around.

uvex: How are you protected when engaging in your hobby?

SeS: In the forest, I always wear the complete safety outfit, including a helmet, goggles and gloves. I would also never be without a pair of light duty safety shoes.

uvex: Which uvex products do you wear for protection?

SeS: My helmet is uvex pheos forest, which already features an integrated mesh visor. In addition, I most like wearing uvex C500 dry safety gloves. They not only afford me the right level of protection when using the chainsaw and circular saw, but also provide an excellent grip. I use other uvex products as and when required.

uvex: Has using uvex products changed the way you practice your hobby/leisure activity?

SeS: From when I first started using uvex equipment, I above all noticed that it is extremely durable, even when put under extreme pressure. Other products from different manufacturers often promised the earth, but they did not deliver. I also noticed that even after a long tough day on my feet, they still felt relaxed when I had been wearing the safety footwear. To sum up, I now enjoy working in the forest even more! And I am not just talking about my own experience here. My father has been using uvex products as long as I have.

Sebastian S. and his father are setting a great example in the forest. The importance of the right protection is often underestimated when in the local forest. Major injuries are often caused as a result of not having any head protection and wearing incorrect clothing. Our thanks to Sebastian G. for talking to us and we wish him and his father a safe and happy time working in the forest.

uvex is delighted that its industrial health and safety products are used in the private domain as well as professional working life. However, we are of course not able to ensure that the right products are used privately for the respective activity. uvex therefore does not accept any liability for the correct and appropriate application of products and their condition, nor can it be held liable for non-uvex products.

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