Hearing protection can often be a nuisance and isolate wearers from the outside world. We have developed active electronic earmuffs that not only protect you from the effects of noise, but also come with lots of practical gadgets – thanks to innovative Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your smartphone to the hearing protection and make important phone calls while you work. At the same time, the real active listening function keeps you in on the action and you won’t miss any important signals or announcements. Read more about our innovative new product in the blog post below.

Noise is a health risk to be taken seriously

Our ear is a very sensitive and delicate sensory organ. In addition to the natural ageing process, external factors also increase our risk of developing hearing loss or even becoming deaf: the longer we are exposed to noise and the closer we are to the source of the noise, the more our hearing suffers. The resulting damage is irreversible. If we are often or even only occasionally exposed to high levels of environmental noise due to our job, good hearing protection is therefore indispensable.

Above 85 dB, the risk of hearing damage increases, which can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. From a noise exposure level of 80 dB, employers must provide hearing protection; from a level of 85 dB, wearing it is mandatory.

Despite this knowledge, hearing protection is occasionally dispensed with in practice. The situation is often underestimated – especially if the time spent near the noise source is only short. However, exposure to very loud noise for a short period of time is just as harmful as exposure to lower levels of noise throughout the day. Read more about noise and its dangers in our blog post “International Noise Awareness Day – the need for noise protection”.

Another reason for not wearing hearing protection is concern about not hearing warning calls and signals. This is an essential aspect of occupational safety: if hearing protection were to filter out all outside noise, this would be a potential source of danger. It must also be possible to communicate with colleagues despite wearing hearing protection in order to be able to work efficiently.

Some people find the fit of conventional hearing protection uncomfortable, especially if it has to be worn all day. Still others feel hampered when carrying out their activities because they have to constantly put the protection on and take it off again for certain activities, especially when wearing work gloves.

uvex aXess one – smart hearing protection for better safety at work

The uvex aXess one does away with the inconveniences of traditional hearing protection through cleverly coordinated functions. In a nutshell:

It combines active electronic earmuffs with controlled perception of the environment and a high level of wearer comfort.

uvex aXess one

Earmuffs are generally a comfortable form of protection: they enclose the ears like headphones and can be put on or taken off easily and quickly.

The features of the uvex aXess one have also been designed with safety in mind: the volume of what should come through from the environment can be individually adjusted on the hearing protection itself. The maximum output level is limited. This supports general work on machines, but also enables diagnostic work to be carried out.

These advantages result primarily from two components: RAL and Bluetooth® 5.0

RAL – active perception of the environment and maximum hearing protection

RAL stands for “Real Active Listening”.  It sometimes makes you forget that you are wearing hearing protection at all. Thanks to the integrated external surround microphones, you can perceive your environment and important warning signals, because the ambient noise is conducted inside the capsule. At the same time, hearing is protected by sound level limiters and sudden impulse noise is also reliably attenuated.

Always well connected with Bluetooth® 5.0

uvex aXess one hearing protection is also genuinely “smart”: it can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth® 5.0 – or even to two devices if required thanks to Bluetooth® Dual Mode. Thanks to the wide radio range, you are easily contactable and can keep your smartphone in a well-protected place while working.

Incoming phone calls can be answered using the function keys on the hearing protection itself. The keys are also easy to use when wearing gloves, you won’t miss any important phone calls and you don’t need to stop what you’re doing as both hands are still free. This both saves unnecessary walking around at work and valuable time. The uvex aXess one means making phone calls is still practical.

The combination makes the difference

The combination of the RAL functions and Bluetooth® 5.0 of the uvex aXess one hearing protection ensures safety at work and helps you work more efficiently.

On the one hand, hearing is protected, as the intensity of external noises is reduced to harmless levels. On the other hand, it enables communication with colleagues as well as the operation of diagnostic devices and the perception of important warning sounds even when the hearing protection is worn.

Phone calls can be answered hands-free and enjoy good sound quality. Thanks to well-thought-out function keys on the device, combined with voice messages (audio assistant), the hearing protection never needs to be removed and hearing is continually protected. And when carrying out monotonous activities, audio streaming helps you get through the task in a safe and entertaining way: you can even listen to your favourite music, the latest podcast or an interesting audio book at work, if the activity allows.

The uvex aXess one has been well thought out

Even the other components of the active hearing protection complement each other:

  • Padded, adjustable headband: The uvex aXess one remains comfortable even when worn for longer periods of time thanks to the padded headband. The infinite length adjustment ensures a perfect fit on the head. Memory foam pads adapt perfectly to the shape of the head and ensure a sufficient seal. When not in use, the earmuffs can be folded up small, making them light and easy to store safely, and perfect for when you’re on the go.
  • Suitable for outdoor use: The hearing protection has been designed to also make it suitable for outdoor activities. The caps protect the device from both dusty and damp environments. Microphone covers are used to minimise wind noise and can be easily attached if required.
  • Certified: The hearing protection is certified with an attenuation value of SNR 31 dB.
  • Practical & safe: An LED status display shows those around them whether the wearer is on a phone call or is available to talk.
  • Chargeable: When required, the hearing protection can be quickly recharged with a USB Type C connector. The supplied charging cable means the earmuffs can also be charged in a car or using a powerbank.
uvex aXess one Gehörschutz mit Bluetooth

uvex aXess one – the components for healthy hearing

RAL – real active listening The volume of the ambient noise can be individually adjusted and thus offers accurate perception of any situation. This prevents the wearer becoming isolated from their immediate environment.
Bluetooth® 5.0
The ability to connect up to two devices enables phone calls, audio streaming and communication with good sound quality and a large range.
Various microphones Surround microphones and additional voice microphones control the transmission of the ambient noises together with very good speech quality.
Certified protection Attenuation value of SNR 31 dB.
Easy to operate Thanks to the ergonomic, tactile keys combined with the audio assistant, the hearing protection does not need to be removed to be operated. This is also a key element in ensuring hearing is continually protected.
LED display Those around the wearer can see at a glance whether they are available to talk or currently on a call. This supports efficient, undisrupted work.
USB Type C Thanks to the latest technology, charging the device is fast and easy, and the device is quickly ready for use again.
Caps All the components of the hearing protection are designed to keep out dust and moisture. This also makes it ideal for outdoor applications.
Padded, folding headband The hearing protection can be worn for long periods of time thanks to the padded, individually adjustable headband. If it is not needed, it folds up to a small and compact size.

uvex aXess one – accessories for active hearing protection with Bluetooth®

uvex offers a range of useful accessories for the earmuffs:

uvex earmuff bag

The bag has a hook-and-loop fastening and can be attached to a belt with two loops. This allows the hearing protection to be safely stored in any situation and means it is also quickly at hand again whenever required.

uvex K series hygiene kit premium

After a certain amount of time, the earpiece pads should be replaced to ensure that the hearing remains protected but also for reasons of hygiene. This is easy and cost-effective thanks to the uvex K series hygiene kit premium made of memory foam.

uvex K series comfort pads “uvex dry pads”

The comfort pads are also glued to the earpiece pads. They absorb sweat and moisture and ensure a comfortable fit.


You too can protect yourself and your employees against noise by using our innovative products – the hearing protection that Bluetooth® brings will make work at your company feel completely different and ensure a good and safe atmosphere among employees. For more interesting facts about noise, read our blog articles “Noise protection ordinance – your rights when it comes to noise” and “Noise is annoying – and a real risk to your health”.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks belonging to Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are always used by UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GMBH under licence. Other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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