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uvex aXess one

Article number: 2640001

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • RAL function
  • dual connection mode
  • USB-C charging socket

uvex aXess one; active Bluetooth earmuffs — safe. active. connected.

uvex aXess one are active Bluetooth earmuffs with RAL (real active listening) function. Users can still hear ambient noise despite wearing hearing protection, so they can still communicate with others and react effectively to warning signals. The volume of the ambient noise can be adjusted to suit individual needs, as the integrated sound level limiter protects the hearing from impulse sounds. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection can be used to connect to a telephone or radio, so users can communicate with others without interrupting work. The dual connection mode enables two devices to be connected at the same time. The functions can be operated quickly and easily using the function keys on the earmuffs — and both hands remain free for work. The audio assistant provides the latest status updates, so there is no need to remove the earmuffs in hazardous areas. When not in use, uvex aXess one can be stored easily without taking up much space thanks to the foldable headband. Another storage option is our earmuff bag with belt loops, article no. 2000002

General features

  • dual connection mode
  • real active listening (RAL) function for clear perception of ambient noise
  • communication, telephony and streaming
  • dual connection mode
  • USB-C charging socket
  • buttons with a shape that corresponds to their function
  • suitable for use in dusty and damp working conditions thanks to sealing caps
  • audio assistant

Protection features

  • meets standard EN 352-1
  • 31 dB noise reduction
  • Sound level limiter protects against harmful impulse noise

Comfort features

  • buttons with a shape that corresponds to their function
  • optimal earmuff shape provides pressure-free protection for the outer ear
  • padded textile headband for optimum wearer comfort
  • extra-soft memory foam ear cushions ensure optimal wearer comfort, even when worn for long periods
  • USB-C charging socket is rotationally symmetrical, so connecting is simple and safe
  • continuous length adjustment for the perfect positioning
  • hands-free telephony
  • audio assistant provides status updates, so there is no need to remove the hearing protection in hazardous areas.

Areas of application

  • industry
  • construction sector
  • end-user


Product data sheet

Specifications uvex aXess one

Attribute Value
Version active hearing protector
Standards EN 352-1
Insulation value (SNR) 31 dB
Colour Grey, Black
Size S, M, L
Technologies Real-Active-Listening-Function, Bluetooth

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