Laser Safety Officer

Introduction – Background

A laser safety officer has to be named and appointed if laser applications of the classes 3B, 3R and 4 are in use. According to the German accident prevention regulation OStrV § 5 + TROS the proof of participation in a corresponding course has to be submitted.

Objectives – Benefits to you

  • Conveyance of comprehensive knowledge on beam and non-beam hazards with laser applications
  • Introduction to basic physics with regard to the generation and effects of laserbeams
  • Possibilities of industrial laser usage
  • Thorough information on essential technical, organizational and personal protective measures
  • Legal basis for operating a laser workplace
  • Explanation of hazards resulting from sources of radiation and laser beams on the basis of examples
  • Practical tests and demonstrations of laser effects and laser protection
  • Graduation: “Laser Safety Officer“ incl. certificate

Target Group

Employees of companies and specialists for work safety who are responsible for laser safety.


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