Safety Glasses for the winter season

Besides the cold, solar radiation is one of the biggest dangers in winter. Most people underestimate the power of the sun during the winter months. Even in the cold season, UV radiation damages the eye when working outdoors. As soon as the sun hits ice and snow, glistening bright light is created. Without adequate protection, working becomes impossible and the eye is permanently damaged.

uvex i-3 spectacles anti-fog interior, sunglare filter, silver mirror; adaptable to any face shape; PC silver mirror grey lens; black/light grey frame uvex i-3 spectacles
uvex sportstyle spectacles anti-fog, scratch-resistant on both sides; only 23 grams; clear PC lens; black, grey frame uvex sportstyle spectacles
uvex i-3 spectacles anti-fog on both sides, scratch-resistant; Oil & Gas; adaptable to any face shape; PC clear lens; black/light grey frame uvex i-3 spectacles
uvex pheos spectacles anti-fog on both sides, also scratch-resistant; standard size, oil & gas; large field of vision; colourless PC lens; black/grey frame uvex pheos spectacles

Safety glasses for working in the snow

Safety glasses with silver mirrors are the perfect choice when working in snow-covered areas. Combined with the sun, the snow becomes glistening, making vision impossible. The uvex i-3 with only 12% transmission is the perfect anti-glare protection in strong sunlight. 

How do I stop the lenses of my safety spectacles becoming scratched or fogging up?

When facing fogged up or scratched lenses, the clear sight through my safety spectacles cannot be guaranteed anymore – and that can pose a real threat to my health. But what can I do to prevent that? The video tries to answer this question of safety.

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