uvex at A+A 2023

From 24.10 - 27.10.2023, the leading international trade fair for occupational health and safety opened its doors and uvex was attending once again. A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf is THE industry event for personal protection, occupational safety and health at work. This year, the focus of the trade fair was on the topics sustainability, digitalization as well as new working environments and we were presenting our latest products, innovations and concepts to you.

In addition to a large number of innovative new products, we have again placed a focus on the topic of sustainability this year. But not only for our products. From the trade fair stand to our production sites, you can find out about our numerous approaches to resource-saving handling. After all, our goal as a group of companies is to offer all employees, customers and partners comprehensive protection in an ecological, social and economic context. This is what the sustainability claim "protecting planet" stands for - a group-wide concept that defines sustainability within the uvex group. With uvex lone worker protection and the PPE manager, the topic of digitalization was also playing an important role for us at A+A 2023.

To make sure you don't miss any of the trade fair highlights, we are presenting our highlight products here and have also collected the most important information and best impressions of the trade fair for you.

uvex at A+A 2023 Düsseldorf – #uvexAplusA2023

You can also have a look at our highlights in our best-of video:

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Interviews from A+A 2023

Stefan Brück on the special highlights of A+A 2023

Stefan Brück, CEO of the uvex safety group, has a dual function at this year's A+A. He explains what this means for him and what role the trade fair plays for uvex in a brief interview.


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Martin Leusmann on innovative digital business models at uvex

At this year's A+A 2023, uvex is presenting two innovative digital business models for the first time that are already market-ready. In the interview with our Managing Director Sales, you can learn more about these two pioneering topics: "lone worker" and "PSA manager".

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Martin Leusmann on uvex's positioning in specific industries

In his interview at A+A 2023, our Managing Director Sales talks about how uvex is positioning itself for the future in specific industries and the impact this will have on our partnerships and products.


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Peter Eschenlohr and Verena Keller on sustainability at uvex safety

Our Director MBU E2 and Team Lead Strategic Sustainability Development at the A+A - International Trade Fair and Congress provide an exciting insight into how sustainability aspects are anchored in the uvex strategy and provide information on which criteria make a product a "sustainable product" at uvex.

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Carsten Baumgarten on safety gloves highlights

In the interview at A+A 2023, the Director Gloves presents one of this year's trade fair highlights: the uvex phynomic XG planet protective glove. This product sets a new benchmark for sustainability and offers improved features that will excite our customers. He also gives us some insights into our brand new cut protection series.

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Matthias Persau on the latest Footwear product highlights

The Director SBU Footwear proudly presents our latest product highlight in the Footwear category at A+A 2023. But that's not all - he also has exciting Novelties especially for the construction industry coming up!


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Dr. Marco Wacker on the latest developments in head protection

Our Director SBU Eyewear/Head proudly presents the latest developments in head protection at the A+A 2023. One of the product highlights is the uvex pheos nxt safety glasses. But that's not all! He also has exciting new products for the head protection sector, especially for demanding applications!

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Todd Mellema on the partnership between HexArmor and the uvex safety group

The Director Sales & Marketing of HexArmor explains in an interview at the A+A 2023 the special innovations and special technologies that HexArmor can bring to the partnership with the uvex safety group. In particular, these are highly cut- and puncture-resistant as well as needle-stick-resistant protective gloves!

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Our products highlights

Safety shoes

uvex product highlight x-craft safety shoe
uvex 1 x-craft
uvex 1 x-craft safety shoe

uvex 1 x-craft are not just safety shoes – they are also the perfect work shoes for anyone working in trade, industry, construction, logistics and other sectors who is looking for both maximum flexibility and excellent protection. For more safety, improved wearer comfort and better performance.

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uvex 1 x-craft planet
uvex 1 x-craft planet sustainable safety shoe

The uvex 1 x-craft planet takes sustainability to the next level. The sporty safety shoe perfectly combines the innovation of the uvex 1 x-craft product family with the sustainable materials already used in our uvex 1 G2 planet:
- Midsole and outsole contain up to 15% recycled granulate
- Upper made from recycled and bio-based materials such as PET bottles and bamboo

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 14021:2016, the uvex 1 x-craft planet contains 30% recycled material, making it the perfect safety shoe for anyone who also values sustainability in their personal protective equipment.

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uvex 3 MACSOLE®
uvex 3 MACSOLE safety shoes

The uvex 3, but more robust: the MACSOLE® rubber sole makes the uvex 3 safety shoes and safety boots for heavy-duty applications even stronger as it makes the outsole particularly resistant to heat, chemicals and cuts. MACSOLE® rubber sole technology also offers an unparalleled level of slip resistance, even in cold conditions.



uvex suXXeed industry
uvex suXXeed industry workwear

We believe that workwear shouldn’t only be functional but should also set new standards in terms of comfort and freedom of movement. This is why, with uvex suXXeed industry, we’ve developed a workwear collection which is not only perfectly adapted to the requirements of industrial work, but which also offers style and excellent comfort.

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uvex suXXeed craft
uvex suXXeed craft workwear

Uncompromising functionality. The uvex suXXeed craft collection for men and women combines comfortable, sporty workwear with reliable weather protection for unbridled performance in everyday work. This is the ideal workwear for those working in traditional craft trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and horticulture and landscaping as well as for industrial workers including service technicians, mechatronics engineers and production workers.

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uvex suXXeed mobility
uvex suXXeed mobility workwear

Robust and comfortable workwear with a sporty design for men and women working in the automotive industry. The uvex suXXeed mobility collection consisting of abrasion-resistant cargo trousers and Realworker jackets in modern graphite is designed to withstand the demands of automotive production.

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uvex K26 planet
uvex sustainable business workwear

Do something good in everyday office life. Our business products made of 100% bio-based materials leave nothing to be desired in terms of sustainability. Natural colours and a stylish business design make the collection really stand out. In addition, there is a focus on resource-saving production through reduced water use and the use of renewable energies.

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uvex product highlight suXXeed workwear

Safety Gloves

uvex product highlight safety gloves
uvex phynomic XG planet
uvex phynamic XG planet

uvex phynomic XG planet – the best oil grip in its class! The Xtra-Grip coating ensures excellent grip in oily environments, making the glove extremely durable and sustainable too – the glove is made with >50% polyamide recyclate. For increased sustainability and safety.


uvex profi pure
uvex profi pure safety glove with water grip

Unrivalled grip in wet conditions. The innovative Hydro Grip special polymer coating on the uvex profi pure HG sets completely new standards in terms of grip in wet and damp working environments – for reliable grip during indoor and outdoor activities. Thanks to the waterproof coating and cotton fibre lining, the uvex profi pure HG safety gloves keep the skin dry all day long and ensure a comfortable fit.


Hearing protection

uvex xact-fit planet
uvex xact fit planet sustainable hearing protection

The uvex xact-fit planet hearing protection earplugs offer a whole new dimension of intelligent ergonomics and wearer comfort. The stems are ergonomically shaped to fit either the left or right ear, increasing wearer comfort and making the earplugs easier to insert and remove, and are made of 100% recycled polypropylene. In addition, the electricity used to manufacture the earplugs comes from 100% renewable energy, while the packaging for the finished product is made from 100% recycled cardboard.


uvex product highlight sustainable hearing protection

Safety Glasses

uvex Produktneuheit Schutzbrille pheos nxt
uvex pheos nxt
uvex safety glasses pheos nxt

The uvex pheos nxt combines an attractive classic and sporty design with comfort, lightness and optimum protection.
The special design of the arms not only looks impressive: the direction-focused structure also provides extremely good grip – even during demanding tasks.
The uvex pheos nxt has all-round appeal and is ideally suited to a wide range of applications.


uvex pheos nxt planet
uvex sustainable safety glasses pheos nxt planet

The pheos nxt planet has the same benefits as the pheos nxt – but is more sustainable. The side arms are made with significant amounts of recycled materials – 32.5% for the hard components and 47.4% for the soft components. However, the lens is made of 100% mass-balanced polycarbonate. Sustainability is also increasingly a priority when it comes to the packaging: films and cardboard boxes are made from production waste (<70%) and recycled paper (>90%).

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Safety Helmets

uvex pronamic
uvex pronamic safety helmet

The first sustainable visor system - uvex pronamic. For this visor we rely on a mass-balanced polycarbonate for our visor lens and a recycled plastic made of high-quality post-industrial and post-consumer materials for the visor arms. The result: reduction in CO2 emissions by over 50% for 100% protection.


uvex vimox
uvex vimox visor

Don’t use a uvex safety helmet, but still want to benefit from our unique lens technology? Then uvex vimox is the solution for you. This system is bringing the popular features of our visors to almost all standard helmet models available on the market. In particular, alongside ergonomics and a comfortable fit, this includes the resting position.
If the visor is not actively in use, it can either be removed completely using the uvex click & pull system or alternatively pushed into the resting position – no matter which helmet the vimox is used with.

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uvex product highlight pronamic safety helmet

Respiratory Protection

uvex product highlight respiratory protection
uvex silv-Air c 2310 planet
uvex sustainable respiratory protection silv-Air 2310 planet

The uvex silv-Air c 2310 planet is a respirator with exhalation valve for larger facial shapes. However, the special feature of this respirator is its sustainable components. The valve and the four-point headband holder are made partly from recycled materials. The whole product has a recycled content of 26.5%. Sustainability is also a priority when it comes to the packaging: the polybag is made of 30% recycled material and the cardboard boxes of more than 80% recycled paper. Overall, this improves the product’s carbon footprint to 0.18 kg per respirator.

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Individual PPE

uvex RX cd 5521 planet
uvex sustainable prescription safety eyewear RX cd 5521 planet

In addition to its transparent lens frame for an unrestricted field of vision, the uvex RX cd 5521 planet has a modern plastic frame made mostly from high-quality, bio-based material: this plastic frame is based not on petroleum, but on the renewable raw material of the castor oil plant, which also does not compete with land used for growing food or endangered forest regions. The frame is made of around 38% castor-oil-based material.

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uvex product highlight individual PPE

Impressions from A+A 2023