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After the digital edition in 2020, uvex will be back on site at Arbeitschutz Aktuell this year with a new booth concept from October 18. - 20.

Our focus for this year’s trade fair is sustainability. This is because as a group of companies, our goal is to protect all our employees, customers and partners in the most complete sense – environmentally, socially and financially. This is reflected in our sustainability motto “protecting planet”: a group-wide concept that redefines sustainability within the uvex group.

This motto accompanies us at Arbeitsschutz Aktuell as we present products with an emphasis on sustainability.

To make sure you don't miss any of the trade fair highlights, we are presenting our highlight products here an will give you a little insight into the best moments of the fair afterwards.

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Our products highlights - #protectingplanet

Safety shoes

uvex 1 G2 planet
safety shoe out of recycled materials

From the upper to the sole, the new uvex 1 G2 planet offers both sustainability and performance in one. The particularly lightweight safety shoes meet the requirements of standard DIN EN ISO 14021:2016 and are made up of – in terms of their weight – up to 25% recycled materials, without sacrificing their protective qualities and degree of comfort compared with the well-known uvex 1 G2 models.

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uvex greencycle
sustainable workwear from uvex

The uvex suXXeed greencycle planet is the first uvex workwear collection to be fully compostable. All the materials we use are certified according to the Cradle to Cradle™ principle and are 100% biodegradable. Including the packaging!

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suXXeed greencycle workwear

Safety Gloves

uvex sustainable safety gloves bamboo
uvex Bamboo TwinFlex®
environmentally friendly safety gloves

A smooth fit thanks to natural bamboo fibres and the high, rapid-action moisture-absorbing capacity of the uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg ensure long-lasting comfort and high wearer acceptance. With a flexible fit thanks to the natural bamboo fibre, the glove adapts precisely to fit the shape of the hand within 3 to 5 minutes of wearing.

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Hearing protection

uvex xact-fit planet

For the ergonomically shaped handles of the xact-fit planet, 100 percent recycled polypropylene is used. The oval-shaped foam plugs are subject to strict controls and have a maximum reduction of harmful substances. These innovative ear plugs fit the human ear perfectly, as they have been modeled on the anatomy of the ear canal.

Safety Glasses

uvex i-range planet
uvex i-range planet: sustainable and safe

The uvex i-range planet is the sustainable extension of our new 3in1 safety eyewear range, which covers almost every risk and work area with optimal products. We use recycled and bio-based materials for our innovative safety eyewear - in the interest of an environmentally friendly and resource-saving production. The quality of our safety eyewear (e.g. mechanical strength, UV protection, design and comfort) are not affected in any way.

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Safety Helmets

uvex pheos planet

An important part of the planet series product system is the uvex pheos planet helmet shell. The helmet shell is made of up to 30 per cent bioplastic. The organic raw material, sugar cane, is converted using a process that complies with the strictest quality requirements and achieves high stability and strength. 50 percent of the material for the headband is made of ground helmet shells.

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