uvex occupational safety equipment for sales applications

Show rooms in the vehicle sales sector impress with a modern design and brand language. Sales staff meet customers every day and embody the values and quality of your brand.

In doing so, a large number of people see your brand. To this end, uvex offers products that complement the language of your brand in an elegant and sporty way and still protect your staff when they are in direct contact with other people or rushing to the workshop.

A hazardous sales area?!

Compared to a workshop, a sales area often seems risk-free for employees. However, long working hours in front of screens as well as stressful noise levels in open-plan offices should not be underestimated sources of strain on your employees' health. The wide product range from uvex features stylish VDU spectacles that help prevent neck strain and can also be equipped with an anti-reflection coating or blue light filters. Otoplastics with a low level of insulation offer comfortable hearing protection, enable focussed work and optimum voice clarity in sometimes hectic everyday office life.

Stylish protection in sales areas and workshops

Part of a range of shoes focused on stylish design, a lightweight construction and exceptional protection, the “uvex 1 business” models are a smart combination for talking to customers or the short walk to the workshop. Regardless of whether you opt for shoes, boots or Chelsea boots, these shoes go perfectly with business attire and enable employees to work flexibly between the sales area and the garage.

Hygienic protective glove uvex disinfection

Sanitiser you can wear

Hygienic protection uvex phynomic silv-air gloves are an alternative or supplement to disposable safety gloves.

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Eye protection for sales applications


uvex UV protection for safety glasses

UV400 vs. UV380

The WHO recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. For uvex, this has always been a given.

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Hand protection for sales applications


uvex protective glove advisor

The perfect safety gloves

Find your perfect safety gloves by answering four easy questions.


Foot protection for sales applications


uvex size advisor for safety shoes

Shoe size finder

The uvex shoe size finder app makes it particularly easy to measure your feet and to find the shoe size and width you need.

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Hearing protection for sales applications


uvex earplugs / ear protection / use hearing protection correctly

Using earplugs correctly

You will only benefit from the full protective effect of your hearing protection if you insert it correctly and clean reusable earplugs properly.

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Respiratory protection for sales applications

uvex respiratory protection advisor find the right respiratory protection mask

uvex Respiratory Expert System

The fast route to finding the right respirator for your needs.

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Protective clothing for sales applications


Prescription safety spectacles and VDU spectacles for sales applications


More frames

Plastic frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Metal frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Titanium frames & nylor frames – uvex VDU spectacles

Lens materials


  • Also known as: plastic
  • Not suitable for safety spectacles unless modified, as the tensile strength is otherwise too low. The middle of the lens must be thicker in order to meet the requirements for tensile strength.
  • Organic, lightweight material
  • Very good optical image reproduction properties even on high prescriptions
  • Suitable for working with chemicals and paint
  • Good scratch resistance thanks to hard coating (optional)
  • Mechanical strength, class “S” (ball drop test)
Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside and out-side of lenses by means of vapour deposition. It significantly reduces reflections on the surfaces. It offers a cosmetic advantage and increases light transmission. Three qualities are available: Normal anti-reflective coatingMulti anti-reflective coating and  super anti-reflective coating

Normal anti-reflective coating:

  • Good reduction of reflections
  • Metal oxide is applied once to each surface
  • Residual reflection ≈ 4%

Super anti-reflective coating:

  • Maximum reduction of reflections
  • Metal oxide is applied several times to each surface
  • Residual reflection < 2%
uvex UV blue

Surface finish consisting of different layers. It includes a layer that filters short-wave visible light in the blue-violet range with increased effect.

Effective protection against the symptoms of fatigue and headaches associated predominantly with long periods of working at a monitor and/or with digital media.

The uvex UV blue layer system also includes a super anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant coating.


Safety glasses with individual prescription

Our service for optimal protection

Individual eye protection with uvex VDU spectacles and uvex prescription safety spectacles.

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Otoplastics for sales applications


Medicare for sales applications


Insoles for safety shoes uvex

Certified safety shoe insoles from uvex medicare

Everything you need to know about insoles at a glance!

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