Safety glasses for the summer season

Protection against harmful UV rays, lenses that do not fog up even when performing strenuous activities, tinting to match the weather: The requirements of contemporary and reliable eye protection are extremely varied, especially in the summer months.

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Find the best lens tinting for your safety glasses

Find the right lens tinting with the uvex lens tinting advisor

23% grey or just 14%? And could a brown tint be more suitable? What exactly do yellow tints do? Every situation and every task is different, so you need to choose the tint of your safety spectacles accordingly. Our online lens tinting advisor can help you do this!



How do I stop the lenses of my safety spectacles becoming scratched or fogging up?

When facing fogged up or scratched lenses, the clear sight through my safety spectacles cannot be guaranteed anymore – and that can pose a real threat to my health. But what can I do to prevent that? The video tries to answer this question of safety.

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