The summer—and the sunny weather it brings—make very particular demands on personal protective equipment: Across all industries and application areas, the focus is on breathable gloves and fabrics, reliable tinting for spectacles lenses, sun protection on the helmet or bump cap... the list of requirements goes on. Prepare yourself for the coming months with our selection of PPE designed with summer in mind!

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Cool and breathable: uvex climazone

Whether in a helmet, protective gloves or safety shoes, poor-quality PPE quickly becomes uncomfortable when the temperature rises. Our solution: uvex climazone. Available across many of our product groups, this technology enables you to carry out your work with as few restrictions as possible — regardless of high outdoor temperatures.

uvex climazone in head protection
uvex climazone in hand protection
uvex climazone in foot protection

uvex sportsline summer PPE

Regulations and standards for summer and sunshine

Sunshine is the first thing we think of when we think about the summer — a pair of sunglasses is most welcome on cloudless days. The tinted lenses take the strain off the eyes even when the sun is at its strongest. The requirements for industrial eye protection with sunglare filters are set out in the DIN standard EN 172.

It is UV protection, however, that plays a far greater role in protecting long-term eye health when working outside for extended periods: The relevant requirements for this can be found in the DIN standard EN 170 on personal eye protection. All uvex spectacles with polycarbonate lenses offer UV 400 protection, meaning that they satisfy extremely stringent protection criteria.

You can also find out more about UV protection in sunglasses in our expert blog.

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