Protective clothing, workwear and disposable overalls

From the chemical protection suit over the classic Bermuda to multifunctional protective clothing, we offer the right garment for every task. There is always the possibility to add your company's logo or additional functions on existing articles via our uvex add-on customization system. And if it does not meet your taste, we will be pleased to offer you an individual corporate fashion solution tailored exactly to your ideas.

Protective clothing and workwear – additional information

For us, safety and quality go hand in hand: Our protective clothing and workwear is precisely manufactured using first-rate materials and subject to stringent quality checks. Furthermore, the optimal fit, perfect ergonomics and extended range of movement offered by our products ensure that they perform well in all scenarios. However, sometimes protective clothing has very particular requirements, such as when it is used for metalwork, where jackets and trousers are invariably and repeatedly exposed to sparks.

Protective clothing technologies

Protective clothing has to meet a variety of requirements in order to offer a balance between comfort, protection and relief for the relevant application area. Stability and flexibility must also be completely guaranteed after numerous wash cycles. You can find out here how we achieve this.

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Protection against sparks

Due to the constant presence of sparks, metalwork presents some particular conditions which create special challenges for protective clothing. For this reason, uvex offers an entire occupational protection system which is designed specifically for this trade.

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Standards and guidelines

uvex manufactures protective clothing and single-use overalls which not only meet all standards and requirements, but often exceed the recommendations. You can find out all about the relevant standards for protective clothing and the test procedures here.

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